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Dream cruise and abortion activists


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Because abortion is such a controversial topic, let me start off by saying this thread is not about pro-life or pro-choice.

I'm not sure how far-reaching it is, but here in Metro Detroit we have something called the Woodward Dream Cruise each summer. I'm not a big fan of cars so I've never gone. I heard on the radio yesterday that there is a truck that drives up and down Woodward with photos of an aborted fetus. I'm not talking pleasant baby photos, these shows a bloody fetus with missing body parts.
I am not going to debate the rights or wrongs of abortion, but I really think someone has taken their beliefs a bit far with this. When you're watching a news program and they are about to show graphic pictures, they give you a warning so you can decide if you want your children or even yourself to see the image. This truck gives you no choice and I think it's beyond ridiculous that this person is exposing unsuspecting people to these types of images.


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wow!! I completely agree. Here we have something similar, it's just called the cruise heheh all classic cars and stuff with a big parade. I take my daughter every year, it's fun to dress up in poodle skirts and what not and see everyone else getting into it as well. It is something that the kids really enjoy, the cars throw candy to them and necklaces and toys. I think that because it is a family event that truck should have been banned from the event. Children don't understand the message that he is trying to send. All they see is graphic death pictures. As a parent, it would make me mad to know that I could not protect her from something that we didn't know was coming. Even movies have a rating on them. Parents that take their kids to this event are going because it's a family event. You don't expect them to be subjected to graphic images. the organizers of the event should be getting an earful, and that guy should never be allowed to participate in the event again.


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I think Angel meant that this truck drives up and down the road WITHOUT permission. I doubt any parade type event would ever allow a truck like that to be actually IN the event. I think he is more or less "crashing" the event in an attempt to make his point.


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well....believe it or not I actually understand that :cool: I mean even here anyone can fall in line and follow the cruise without permission. However we do have a good show of police force on hand for these events and it surprises me that he wasn't stopped.


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They were discussing this on the local christian station, talking about whether or not this is right or wrong and why...there was loads of interesting input from people. From what I understood the guy does this every year and it doesn't sound like he's chased away by the police but he does get a lot of boos and jeering.
I tried Googling it from work, but the sites discussing it are restricted.:mad:


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This is what I found on it! This quote is from the article that I found which was a few paragraphs down......

Spectators jeered California anti-abortion protester Ronald Brock, who drove a motor home with graphic posters depicting mutilated fetuses and an infant asking not to be killed. Cruisers shook fists and yelled to police that the man did not belong in the event. He had been escorted off the avenue last year, but this time obtained a federal court order affirming his free-speech right to cruise.

That type of sideshow, as well as the spread of corporate displays and vendors, dismayed some veterans.

"I'd really just like to see the cars be the main attraction," said Sandra Kelly of Sterling Heights, "and not have so many other people take this as an opportunity to peddle their goods for a price."

here is the whole article

Joyrides | Nostalgic Dream Cruise mixes commerce, cars


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Thats wrong on so many levels. I understand the freedom of speech, but damn, keep in consideration the thoughts, feelings and emotions of others.
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