Dream Business


A Darker Knight
If you could start a business about anything, what would it be? It can be an existing idea or a completely new one. You wouldn't have to worry about making money, marketing, practicality, or anything.

I think I would start a combination of a candy and an arcade. What better way to eat candy than eating with while playing videogames? :D


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Movie production company. By that I don't just mean the funding company, I mean something like Disney/Pixar, Dreamworks, Lucasfilm, where they have in house special effects studios. I think that would be pretty awesome.
I would start a forum...jk

I would own a production company! We would specialize in lighting design and implementation, sound design and implementation, and set design and construction.

Yeah. Wish me luck


The Original Kiwi
Wedding photography. I have done it previously, but life got in the way so I've put it on hold till the kids are a little older. Hopefully in about 4-5 years I'll be able to get back into it.


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Eventually I'd like to start gun smithing and doing custom builds. It's in my 10 year plan to get a shop going at home, but we'll have to see how the political climate pans out in the meantime I guess.