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Dream Analysis


needs practice
I don't dream much, maybe once or twice a month. But I had a crazy, moderately vivid one last night.

I'm at a house party in Chicago with my good friend, let's call him CR. We're with a bunch of college friends, and we sleep over at the place. I have a dream within this dream about the apocalypse, desolate streets, tanks roaming and a burning skyline. I wake up and everyone's gone except CR and me. I pull back the shades to see the streets deserted and there is that vivid burning skyline. Me and CR grab our things, and pack a bunch of kitchen knives for defense. We run outside down a twisted sidewalk path. We reach a cliff, and there are some houses in the distance. Before we know it they are shooting arrows at us and CR gets shot and falls off the cliff. I tumble after him, but cannot recover him below and go at it alone. I continue down the sidewalk and am stopped by a house. A man and his kids open the door and say "he looks useful" and motions for me to come inside. I get into the house, but as I get in the door locks out some of the children who are beating on it.

I woke up after this.
What does it mean?


Eye see what you did ther
It is said that people dream everyday, but may not remember dreaming.

Dream analysis is simply a set of theories that have never been proved. There are probably multiple ways to interpret your dreams depending on the theory you subscribe to.
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