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    Doesn't it seem odd that every country has dragons in their mythology? Odder still that these dragons often look like dinosaurs. There seems to be enough evidence that dragons existed at some time in the past. The Chinese are probably most known for their dragon mythology. Marco Polo in 1271 said dragons were kept to be used for special occasions. The King at time had a royal dragon feeder position.
    Here are some interesting photos of dragons throughout history that look a lot like what we know dinosaurs look like. So, the question is if dinosaurs died out millions of years ago, where did these ideas come from?

    800 year old Cambodia temple

    Cave drawing of dinosuar compared to Edmontosaurus dino.

    Brontosaurus drawing Utah Indian tribe somewhere between 150 B.C. and 1200 A.D.


    French dragons early 1500's

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    Two Theories:

    1. From dead dinosaur remains. We know what dinosaurs looked like by studying the fossils, our ancestors would of seen these fossils and used their imagination and limited knowledge to conjure up images of what it was when it was alive. Stories like this would of spread like wildfire in a far more suspicious world than todays.
    2. Like all our mythical creatures they take on embodiment of other known creatures. A Griffin is a lion and an eagle hybrid. A mermaid is a fish and a woman hybrid. A centaur is a horse/human. Hydros is a snake etc..etc... A dragon happens to be that of a lizard/snake/bird thingy:confused:

    I go with the second one personally. Combined with a bit of distorted memories past. At some point someone sees an animal, tells his kids, who tells their kids and so on and on. Eventually the description gets elaborated and becomes so distorted the animal becomes a myth.
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    I don't see how time could ever be a factor according to modern scientific theories. If the dinosaurs died x million years ago and we were some sort of primate, well that's just too much time and too little intelligence.

    As far as using our imagination to create the myths, I have seen dragon paintings and descriptions that were eerily similar to dinosaurs.
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    When the large dinosaurs waked the Earth we had not reached the primate stage, we were nothing more than some kind of mammalia then, probably a little furball living underground it would take another 35 million years before primates would appear.

    Ever plucked a chicken? They look a lot like dinosaurs. The problem is you have probably also seen a lot of dragons that dont look like dinosaurs but you dont join the dots with these. Humans try and recognise things, we see faces in shapes, we look for confirmation of things we know in things we dont.

    When I talk about myths think about it this way.

    Your tribe lives in the jungles of Africa with all the other jungle animals, gradually the jungle retreats and your tribe sets up camp on the savanna, however the animals disappeared with the jungle. You have kids and you tell them stories of the animals that you once hunted in the jungle. Like any good father telling a bedtime story you exagerate. Years later your kids tell their kids the same bedtiem stories but time has tarnished their memories so they exagerate and illuminate what they remember.

    Lets pretend this creature was a lizard>

    1. with a forked red tongue coming from its mouth>
    2. with a forked red tongue flashing in and out like fire>
    3. with forks of fire flashing from its mouth.>
    4. it was a fire breathing creature????

    Now I have just done that in three steps. See how easy it is to manipulate a story. An elephants ears can become wings, a rhinos horn a unicorn, an anaconda a giant serpant.THese are just animals we know, considering over99% of all animals that have existed are now extinct, wooly rhinos, wooly mammoths, sabre tooths, aurochs, dinocereta, pantodontas etc....

    I imagine you're a hunter or you have done a bit of fishing in your time. Have you been always honest about the size of your kill. I would happily bet that the last time you told a story the withers were considerably higher than the first time you told the story.
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    I seem to remember Neanderthals invented a technique of chasing or luring mammoths to a certain area in the dark, and then with torches [fire] they'd chase the mammoth in a certain direction where there were only cliffs, so the mammoths would plunge to their deaths.

    I wonder if a similar technique was used on some species of dinosaur [believed to be extinct] but the dinosaur would have a methane type gas from it's stomach which would ignite off the torches, this making the first crispy barbecued Neanderthal?
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    Every once in a while, we discover another animal long believed to be extinct, and that animal is either currently alive, or obviously died recently.

    Also, while it's true that people often exaggerate things, that wouldn't account for how those exaggerations turned out to be almost exactly like what dinosaurs really looked like (according to our best guesses today). Sure, a chicken or a lizard is dinosaur-esque. But that doesn't account for the first picture, which is clearly a stegosaurus; I don't see how any exaggeration would come up with that.
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    Also, as far as I know archaeology wasn't really practiced back when these pictures were drawn. If it was then you'd think we'd also see pictures of the bones of these dragons. There'd be documentation. Surely ancient cultures would have found it as interesting as we did when we first discovered dinosaur bones. Instead they were drawing what appears to be the real deal.

    Here's a thought. How is it that really the only bones to survive millions of years are of a select few species? Out of MILLIONS of years you'd think there'd be an absolute plethora of different fossils out there. And by plethora, I mean more fossils out there than the total number of species alive today. I mean, a few hundred million years is quite a while.
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    I'm glad someone brought this up. I haven't thought about it since I posted it. I would love to research this further. If the pictures are true, I cannot see any reasonable explanation other than the guy drawing the picture was looking at what he was drawing. And that the story about dragons being dragged through the cities were real. That is Earth shattering.

    You could make a killing researching this and writing a book on it.
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    Dont under estimate the amount of fossils that are out there! I live on the jurrasic coast and the amount of different fossils you find are astonishing considering the time frame.

    Its also worth noting that fossils come in many different type and forms, take limestone or oil for example, they too were once species. Also fossils dont necessarily have to be of the species, again where I live fossilised footsteps of are common place, yet you rarely get fosillised remains of these animals. So what are the chances of an animal becoming into a situation where it has a chance to be fossilised?

    I dont think it looks like a stegosaurus, they have little heads. How about something more along the lines of thi......

  10. Mirage

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    That's exactly my point though. It seems like only a few types of species (in the long run) ever showed up as fossils. You'd think that if the chances were low of an animal becoming fossilized in the first place, you'd see more of an even representation of past species. Not just dinosaurs, woolly mammoths, saber tooth tigers and maybe a handful of others. I mean, there are millions upon millions of species around. Surely there were a ton back then too. Dinosaurs aren't exactly single cell organisms. If something that big were to "evolve" then you'd think there'd be a bunch of other things too.

    The head is clearly on the right side of the image though... It's definitely not a chameleon. Look at the size of the plates on its back.

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