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PlayStation 2 Dragonball Z: Budokai


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Who here has played it? It's an awesome series, each game improves upon the last with more fighters, special collectable items, and overall "OMG SPIRIT BOMB GOES BOOM COOL!!!!!"ness. It's great for fans of the series, AND people who hate the series. Seriously, I know a guy who hates the show yet loves playing the game nonstop.

Note: This is not to be confused with DBZ: Tenkaichi Budokai. It's tecnically it's own game, not part of the Budokai series.


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I own the first one. Great game, but felt incomplete. It was missing the Bu (sp) sega characters. Flying was also more of an optical illusion, but it worked. I never played Budokai 2 though. Was that quite a bit better than the first?


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Budokai 2 is really sort of a disapointment, mainly because the story mode was some sort of board game thing. Now Budokai 3, excellent game. Unfortunatelly, a lot got cut to make it in time for the holidays, so instead of having 1 story mode for each individual character, you get about 10 story modes for specific characters, and you don't get Baby or Super 17. Plus, there's an RPG element in customizing characters, where when you level up you can choose a stat to increase. Using a password system, you can even put your customized character in someone else's game.

Plus, it has all the sagas from DBZ and then some, such as Cooler, Broly, and Omega Shenron. The really cool thing is that you actually have to solve some puzzles to fight them. Those puzzles are where on the map to go, because in story mode you fly around over Earth, and you can land in any place with an event currently happening/ an item hidden there.


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I have Dragonball Z Budokai on Gamecube, I don't know if it is Tenkaichi or not. I love the game, but you are so right, the newer versions are much better in terms of visuals and style. These games aren't at all expensive on the Gamecube, you can pick up some real bargains at EB. It is a shame that my copy seems to be in Japanese still though, well not so much that as I like the Japanese voices in it, it is a shame that the subtitles were translated so poorly (is more accurate of a complaint).


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Have you tried going to the options menu? I think you can switch between English and Japanese.

But it's either Budokai 1 or 2. 3 and Tenkaichi haven't been released on Gamecube yet to my knowledge.


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I played the game at my friends house and absouloutley loved it!! Though im not sure if it was 1 or 2... cant remember now but any way, yeah excelent game loved the comic strip kind of graphics(if you no what i mean). He ripped me to shreads at the game i was pickello.LOL!!!!!.