Sony Dragon Quest: The Journey Of The Cursed King


Ms. Malone
This is suppose to be a big hit Japan, so i thought it'd be interesting to talk about. And i was reading through this months PS2 mag and thought I'd tell everyone about it! ^_^

It's apparently the 8th in the series but you don't have to play the other 7 to understand this one! YAY! And it's an 80 hour gameplay @[email protected] The series has sold over 40 million copies without a European release.

The story goes like this: King Trode has been turned into a troll (a bit like Yoda, only gayer) and his kingdom Trodian has been overrun by magical vines. And to add insult to injury, his daughter, the beautiful Princess Medea, has been turned into a horse. The culprit is an evil Jester (who reminds me of Piedmon) named Dhoulmagus, who has stolen the a forbidden sceptre and now hovers several feet off the ground and finishes every sentence with MWHAHAHA! Enter you stage left, as the plucky young hero tasked with restoring normality. You're eventually joined by three other characters that have a bone to pick with the freaky looking Jester.

The graphics are well done and colorful. And under the guidance of (get this!) DBZ's very own Akira Toriyama, the characters burst with detail (yes some look a bit like DBZ characters)

The Characters:

The Hero: You basically. He was a guard at King Trodes castle when 'the Jester' arrived. He looks like a cross between Gohan, Pan (because of the bandanna) and kid Trunks in 100% tension mode (looks like a purple SSJ! ^_^ mint!) The character doesn't speak and uses Swords and boomerangs.

Yangus: If Yajorobe (sp?) could get any fatter an uglier, THIS would be the final result! And Yangus is just as dimwitted too. He's an ex-bandit who swears loyalty to the hero after he saves his life after a botched robbery on a rope bridge. He uses axes, clubs and scythes.

Jessica: She looks like some distant relative of Bulla. She joins to avenge the death of her brother and is a spell casting specialist who speaks proper posh. She uses staffs, whips and knives.

Angelo: This character is the one to laugh at. Why? Because he looks like...A GAYER VERSION OF FUTURE TRUNKS! HA! He's a self centered ladies man who wants 'the Jester's' head for killing the man who raised him. He uses rapiers and bows.

Battles and Monsters: It's basally the Final Fantasy style battling and the monsters are pretty much the same too. Strange little (and maybe big) fairy tale creatures you could only see in some weird nightmare. I remember fighting a Dancing Devil, it was pretty funny.

Verdict!: PS2 mag gave it a 9, but because I've only played the demo I'm giving it a 6 and a half.

It's already out in the UK and the main website is

Anonym0uz Bitch

Most people I said thinks the main character looks like Goku, or I think they said the main character, or that he is based off Goku.


Ms. Malone
Yeah and at 100% tension he looks like a purple SSJ Trunks, it's mint! He doesn't talk which is weird...

EDIT: I found pictures!! (sorry if they're a little big o_O)


Angelo (look me in the eyes and tell me you don't think that looks like Trunks! Cause i think he does!)


I played the demo a little bit and I liked it. I played 1 and 2 for the game boy and I beat those. I got the 3rd one for gameboy in Jap. and got to the last boss but couldnt find the item to weaken the boss. And I'm almost dont with 7.