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Movies Dragon Ball Z movie but maybe lacking the 'Z'


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It's Chatwin vs. Marsters in Dragon Ball Z - Superhero Hype!

Seems like they've run out of other ways to milk this franchise so now they've (inevitably) turned to a live action film. Even though it's being called "Dragon Ball Z" it sounds alot more like "Dragon Ball" to me, with Piccolo being the main villain and Goku being a teen. Perahaps they're keeping the Z in just for better marketting.
So yeah apparantly its happenening with some weired cast choices and a story set somewhere before the actual Z series began. They must be smelling atleast 4 or 5 films with this one.
Thoughts? I know I'll watch it just for the hell of it but I seriously doubt any good will come of it. The only bright side is that in a 2 and a half hour feature only so much time can be spent with one character powering up while all the others stand around gasping about it.


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I've seen a couple of DBZ movies but none of them were very good especially since they had a different guy do the music and different character voices. I'm probably goign to watch it anyway though.


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Live action could be very difficult to pull off... Part of the DBZ "charm" was the anime look. Real actors wouldn't have that look and it would feel more like a normal movie.


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Yeah, I am not sure about a DragonballZ not being animated. I will probably check it out anyway to just see how it is. I agree, I don't think it will be to good, at least good enough to buy it.


Heavy Weapons Guy
Dragon Ball Z won't be the same without the slow motion and pausing of animation. I don't think I'll like the movie. They should have gotten Vin Diesel to play Piccolo. They also didn't chooose the best time for a good plot if Piccolo is still the villain. Should have gone with more of the Saiyans like Raditz, Napa, and Vegeta. O well


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The more I think about this the more I think it could actually be cool. Sure it won't be "anime", but it could be cool nonetheless.

Vin Diesel could actually play Piccolo pretty well now that I think about it. I doubt he would have accepted the role though due to the "cheesiness factor" that is almost guaranteed to go along with this movie.

That being said, here's the guy who will play Goku:

Justin Chatwin Photos

He is going to need to hit the gym and HARD. He will need to gain at least 50 pounds of muscle for this role and I'm not even kidding.

Here's Piccolo:

James Marsters Photos

Again, this guy is going to have to hit the gym like no tomorrow.

This movie has a huge potential to be cheesy and dumb and having anything less than HUGE people playing the characters would put it over the edge in cheesiness...


I am going to very careful to not get my hopes up too much. I did hear rumors of Jet Li playing Vegita in a life action DBZ movie, so it will be interesting to see if he makes it into this one or a future movie if this one does well.

But come on, shouldn't Japanese actors who know martial arts be playing ALL of the DBZ characters in the first place?


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Dragon Ball Z won't be the same without the animation but the guy that is playing Goku sort of resembles him I"m not sure how they chose the guy to play piccolo he certainly looks the part, I wonder how much powering up there will be in this movie because as I recall at the beginning of DBZ there really wasn't much powering up to be done because the characters didn't have very much power except unnatural strength and kame hame ha and neither of these took long to power up at all if it took any time. This will kind of be between Dragonball and DBZ so I wonder how much powering up there will be it can't be much.

I hope that they don't do Bulmas hair blue because that would look really weird on a real person.

here is a picture of the person being considered to play Bulma



Registered Member
I think it will be very interesting to see how this turns out. If it is a success, it will probably start a string of live action adaptations of anime. There's certainly a lot stacked against this movie, but I have no doubt it could turn out to be a huge money maker.


rainbow 11!
I'm intrigued, when does it come out?