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    The suns are gonna win the championship. SAY WHAT!!! The mav's in the final four. SAY WHAT!!!! The CLEVELAND CAVILIERS will be strong contenders for the east, SHUT YO MOUTH!!! 10 years ago if we heard these statements our comment would be "sucka please." Back in the day when we would think of powerhouse basketball teams, we thought of the Bulls, the Knicks, the Spurs, the Jazz, and a few others. Granted the suns where a good team with Charles Barkley, Dan Majerle, and several other players, but no one expected them to be near the team there are now. Before that the great teams were the Lakers, 76ers, Celtics, and so on. The draft is set up to keep dominant teams from totally dominating forever. This causes a cycle for the teams to rise and fall and rise again and fall again. I like the way the draft is set up, but I have heard people question its effectiveness. I can’t think, without researching, of a team that hasn’t been good at least during one of these cycles. I’m sure there is, but I can’t come up with one off the top of my dome. What do you think about the draft and how effective it is, and what teams do you think will excel during the next “cycle�

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    Oh it shows for a couple of teams if they draft properly that they can become better after a couple of years on drafting Studs. For example the Baby Bulls five years ago they were at the bottom of the East, samething with the Clippers but in the west. If you have good scouts and you make the right trades when needed and good picks when needed then in a couple of years your team will improve. Now there's a few acceptions like the Hawks but give them a couple more years and a decent point guard and they should improve.
  3. Hawks will need more than a PG to improve in my opinion. They got the talent, but all their contracts are gonna mature at the same time, the will prolly only be able to sign 2 with nice long term contracts (still don't know who's gonna pan out yet). Joe Johnson is a great addition to the team, but they need a decent Vet PF or Center (maybe Zydrunas) to anchor them before they can start becoming a competitive team again.
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    If they picked Chris Paul last year then you would see the Hawks in the playoffs this year, I am not saying that Marvin Williams won't be a good player, because he does have huge upside. But that's what they need the most is a poing guard. Also there not that bad at the center position because Zaza did a decent job.

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