Dracula you say? Off to the loony bin.


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If you were attacked by some creature or geezer or thing out of literature or films or wherever, something supernatural perhaps or of fantasy.

And, if you survived to tell the tale, yet had to explain the incident to the coppers.

Which being do you reckon would be laughed at most profoundly by the rozzer(s) dealing with you.
Which would be most likely have you labelled as a 'nutter' or a 'loony' - If such a situation arose. Would any be extreme enough to land you in the funny farm? Do you reckon?

Attacked by Dracula. Survive. Cops turn up:
You: "It was Dracula, he tried to slash me up so he could bite me."
Them: *hysterical laughter, shooved in van*
etc etc...



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No, I'd probably attempt to put it in a rational sounding way. So that Dracula example turns into "Some pale cunt, probably drugged to the eyeballs tried to slash me up and bite my neck!"

They're more likely to believe that. As for sending you off to a medical centre, that would probably only happen if you become obsessed with it. First few times, they'll think you're pulling a prank. Afterwards, the law gets serious and tries to get you done for wasting valuable police time. Continue on down that route, suddenly people start thinking, "Hmm, I think he may actually believe this shit..." and the mental hospital is not far behind.


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Aliens attacked you with a crossbreed between Dracula and the Wolfman while Elvis watched on the sidelines cheering you on in his signature rock 'n' roll way?

That's the wildest I can think of.


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I had a dream that I was getting chased by Big Bird carrying a knife in an alley, I kept on running and turned a corner and Snuffleupagus was blocking me in the alley. Pretty scary.