Dr Death Steve Williams passes away


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He wasnt in the WWE long enough to make much of an impact but I remember him in the Brawl for All and he was in the playstation wwf attitude game as well.

RIP Steve.

by Mike Johnson @ 1:07 PM on 12/30/2009

PWInsider.com is extremely sad to report that former UWF and All Japan Triple Crown champion Steve "Dr. Death" Williams lost his battle with cancer last night, passing away at the age of 49.

We will have more details as we receive them and would like to pass our deepest condolences out to the family, friends and fans of one hell of a great athlete.
That's a sad, sad shame man. Saw pictures not too long back of Dr. D & Bobby Heenan, and neither of them looked in good shape.

RIP dude. God bless.


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Yep I saw a picture of him last week and it did not look good at all. RIP Dr Death you were a true legend, you and Gordy can tag together again wherever you both are now.


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Had never seen Dr. Death before, but i just watched this match on Youtube:

YouTube - Steve Willams vs. Kenta Kobashi, September 3, 1993

WOW!!! What a match. He had a great look, though if that's how he always wrestled he was probably too stiff to ever make it in WWF/WCW. Those backdrops are lethal. I can see how he would have done well in Japan though.

Shame to see another wrestler death in 2009. RIP Steve.
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I'm surprised I haven't replied to this thread, I wasn't the biggest fan of Dr Death, but he sure did have a few good matches, one of the best was the one posted by wooly.

Williams didn't have a big run with the WWF, but he was sure big in Japan and that's where he made a name for himself.

He will be missed. My prayers and condolences go out to his family and friends.