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Dr. Conrad Murray (M. Jackson's Dr.)


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We all know Dr. Conrad Murray was Michael Jackson's personal doctor, and everyone should also know, right now, they are trying to get him for manslaughter in the death of Jackson. This thread is NOT about all the stuff that happened to Jackson before or after his death, but something different I wanted to ask.
Today in Texas, Murray's lawyers were going in front of a judge for some preceedings. Murray did not have to attend, so he was busy taking care of patients at his Houston practice. Of course, his whole livelihood is on the line, this trial will determine not only whether he goes to prison, but whether he will be able to keep his practice anywhere.
So what I am curious about, if Dr. Conrad Murray were your personal doctor, would you still continue to use him as your doctor, even after all the allegations? Or would you seek out a new doctor?


Where is my Queen?
Not really sure...I am a huge Michael Jackson fan and I want to say I would go out and search for another doctor, but at the same time if he is doing a good job with me personally and hasn't had issues with 'regular' clients I don't see the problem to continue seeing him. This issue is hard not talk about MJ but what he did was 50% his fault and 50% MJ's. There are alot of crooked doctors out there that never get caught and myself or anybody else could be seeing one right now with no knowledge. So therefore to be fair, if the doctor is treating me good regardless of the cirumstances, I will continue to use him/her until there liscense is terminated.


Sally Twit
I'd have no choice but to use a different doctor. If you hear something like that, you can't afford to take the risk. The trust would be gone and I would worry for my own safety. Yes it could turn out my doctor was completely innocent but my life is too important to risk.


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He is now convicted (as of november last year). If he were my general doctor before all of these and he was doing fine, then I'd still continue seeing him but maybe just for little or basic health care. For something life threatening, I might go see another one. Just to make sure I've done my best for my health.

Although on the side, I think he was mostly a scapegoat. People were grieving and needed to blame someone for Jackson's death.