Dr Briefs or Dr Gero


Sultan of Swat
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I was wondering who you guys though was the best inventer between these two? Personally I believe it's real hard to say because both of them made great inventions Dr Briefs with Capsule Corp and Dr Gero with the Androids but I would Say Dr Gero because the Android had a huge influence.


Androids had a huge influence?? ... and like Goku's space ship didnt, frieza would have smushed him with his pinky finger if goku didnt have that thing to train in. i pick Dr. Briefs.

Anonym0uz Bitch

Goku's spaceship just allowed him to train, the Androids were stronger then SSJ's, so yeh Gero.
Exactlt and not only that but all of Dr. Gero's creations were pure genious(refering to the Cyborg Gero), b/c if it wasn't for trunks Dr. Gero dream would have been complete.