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Dozing off at inconvenient times


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I'm sure almost everyone's done it once in a while.

When I was going through AIT (paralegal training after Basic), we had classroom work almost every day. Almost the entire class was struggling to stay awake. We tended not to get enough sleep the night before, the instructor was kind of boring, we'd often just eaten, and it got kind of hot and muggy. I was a bit better at staying awake than some of my classmates, but I still had times where my head was nodding. At least once, my head literally bounced off my textbook. And another time, I started to write down something that I thought was interesting and wanted to remember for my own personal benefit, but I started to doze off while writing it, and to this day I have no idea what it was that I was trying to write.

Do you have any stories about it?


Free Spirit
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I was that way in Biology class. The teacher had a monotone voice and with the class just being boring I had a hard time staying awake in it. I did fall asleep during a test one time. All I remember I was starting on it and then I woke up in time to grade the paper. I freaked out that I hadn't finished the test and to save me from being embarrassed I wrote down the answers as the teacher gave them. I miraculously made a really good grade.


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Yeah, I struggled a bit in Biology too, although it never got too bad. Apparently one or two of my friends slept through a huge amount of Biology. I think one of my friends was saying that one of his classmates complained that my friend was allowed to sleep in class, but the teacher said that my friend was doing well enough in class that the teacher didn't really care


Creeping On You
When I was in university, I used to fall asleep in lectures. I'd be paying attention and wouldn't even realize I'd dozed off. I'd have all sorts of weird dreams about what the teacher was teaching lol. I had a weird understanding of physics.

When I worked one summer framing houses, I had to get up early. Since it was so hot and I was often hanging with my friend, I'd be super tired walking to my boss's house. One time I fell asleep while walking, and dreamt I was still walking lol. In real life, I was still walking too. In my dream, the sidewalk curved, but in real life it didn't. Ended up walking into tree and falling on my butt haha.


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I doze off at inconvenient times regularly. I hate it when it happens, but it's really unavoidable. Sometimes I simply won't get enough sleep, it'll also happen if I'm feeling a bit sick.

To name a few times/places I doze off:
-My first time watching The Godfather
-In Church
-In Class
-After a workout


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One of my worst was inside the Pentagon, of all places. Before my deployment, the lawyers and paralegals in my unit all went to DC for classes in the Pentagon. It was my first time ever being there. But I kept being unable to stay awake - and then I couldn't fall asleep at night (probably because I was dozing off during the day.

I was putting in a lot of effort to staying awake. I was standing up, literally digging my fingernails into my hands hoping the pain would keep me awake, but nothing worked. I had never done that much to try to stay awake and still fallen asleep. It was rather embarrassing, and I got lectured a bit for it. One of the things that saved me was that the Sergeant First Class who was lecturing me knew that I was going out of my way to try to stay awake.

It kinda sucks that a trip that should have been really awesome for all the stuff I got to see for the first time (it was my first time in DC) is most memorable for embarrassing myself and getting in trouble in front of a whole bunch of people.


I ♥ Haters
-My first time watching The Godfather

I agree with Danny about dozing off in university. It was a recurring theme with me. Our professor had one of those super drab, monotone voices. As soon as he opened his mouth, half my brain would shut off. About half way through the lecture I'd fall asleep. But lucky for me, I always took a voice recorder to class to record lectures so I didn't miss anything. Haha.

Occasionally I doze off at work if I'm functioning with less sleep. It's not that common, though.


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Australian Open.

It has happened a few times because I would go for the whole week and on the last day, my body would just shut off.


This has never happened to me. For one thing. I can't sleep sitting up, I HAVE to be laying down. I've tried heaps. Long plane rides, etc. No matter how tired or bored I am, I just cannot sleep in an upright position. I need to be laying down.

This is the main reason I never fall asleep at bad times, unless I'm laying down there's no chance. Although, I also can't think of a time when I've been laying down and fallen asleep at an inconvenient time. Maybe watching a movie with friends, and I've fallen asleep before the movie ends but that's all I can think of.


It's not me, it's you.
I sometimes have a problem with this. It used to be a lot more acute then than it is now though. At my previous job I would have to go to quarterly meetings that had about 200 people in attendance. I always nodded off when that happened.

I have a difficult time just sitting and listening. I can listen a lot better if I have some other task for my hands. If I'm just sitting there doing only one thing, I fall asleep. I have even fallen asleep at the movies. At home, I'm used to playing a game on the computer at the same time I'm watching a movie.