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Downloading Music



I have been asked about my idea on downloading music. I'd like to know what others think of this matter.

Yes I download music. So shoot me.
But at the same time I flip flop and Say taht downloading music is wrong. Yes you are stealing money away from those who have earned it. In the the same way the internet is making the price of stamps go up. People have Email, its cheap and faster.

My thoguths for Downloading Music
What if your testing it out and buy the CD later? or the CD is not able to be found but for like 50 from the internet because the band wasn't well known and broke up years ago. Or not sold in the counrty, or what if it's something from an anime that can not be found anywhere else.

In short. I just rather buy the CD then Download. If there is no other way to get it ther then file sharing... then I go for that. This is my Rule for my self to abide by when downloading music.

Maybe if there is some one out there who understands and thinks the say way, I'd like to hear. no one else I know gets it.


Likes snow
I'd rather have the CD/DVD/Book in my hands if I can help it. It gives a satisfaction that downloading never does. I download to sample, If I don't like the band/series, then I've only downloaded one song/book/episode. If I do like it, I buy the DVD/CD/Manga at the next opprotunity.


I can understand where you're coming from, but I dont think I could manage not downloading... I simply don't have 15-20 thousand dollars laying about to spend on music. If it weren't for downloading, I wouldn't have any music at all, and they still wouldn't be getting money from me. At least if I download it, I can sort of be a source of advertisement for them...


Yeah I know what your saying. I do have a few things downloaded that I could buy ut they've been on my list to buy for about a year now and I may have to wait atleast another few months to get it. I have no job.


A Darker Knight
I download music all the time. I didn't think it was bad until I told someone I downloaded music, and they were all "OMG! that's illegal!" on me. I always tyhought downloading from CDs and such was downloading as well.

but I do buy CDs too, but not nearly as many as the ones in my ipod right now. money really adds up when you buy your songs


As a Musician, i tend to do it the old way. get a CD, put it on my i pod. It's alot better than luggin gyour whole cd case with oyu. as for downloding music. If i need to learn a song for a show, then 'll download it, but i don't splurge on being able to get Music for free. These guys need to make money to. ALthouh if htey do not mind it then its not a problem. I still do it just to be safe. If other musicians download stuf form othe bands its worse for us if we get caught.