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Wii Downloadable Games and Survey


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Some new info has hit the scene. Seems as if Nintendo is passing around a Survey(by invite only) and mock up diagrams of what it will be like to play the Revolution online. I am pretty sure that it will be ALOT prettier than the screens shown.:D

Taken from http://www.joystiq.com/2006/01/10/nintendo-conducts-virtual-console-service-survey/

Several readers have tipped us off to an online survey, conducted by a marketing company for Nintendo, used to probe gamers for their opinions about the "Virtual Console" service. Keep in mind that the screenshots from the survey are merely mock-ups and do not reflect how the final product will appear. What is important to note, is that the survey focuses on three different pricing models:

"Game purchase. You may be able to buy retro games and save them to the Nintendo Revolution's memory, so they are always available.

Game rental. You may be able to rent games for a specified period.

Game subscription. By paying a monthly subscription fee, you will be able to add a certain number of games to your personal game library each month. You will be able to play all of the games in your library, including those that you added in previous months, as long as you continue your subscription. Note that one subscription option would allow for 'unlimited' access to the Virtual Console library. This means you could play any Virtual Console game as long as you maintained your subscription. "

In addition, the survey also lists the following titles (by console), which will likely be available at launch:

• Balloon Fight
• Baseball
• Donkey Kong
• Donkey Kong Jr.
• Dr. Mario
• Duck Hunt
• Excitebike
• Hogan's Alley
• Ice Climber
• Ice Hockey
• Kid Icarus
• Kirby
• Kung Fu
• Mario Bros.
• Mario Open Golf
• Metroid
• Pinball
• Pro Wrestling
• Punch Out
• RC Pro AM
• Soccer
• Super Mario Bros.
• Super Mario Bros. 2
• Super Mario Bros. 3
• Tennis
• Tetris
• Urban Champion
• Volleyball
• Wario's Woods
• Yoshi's Cookies
• Zelda
• Zelda (Adventure of Link)

• Battle Clash
• Donkey Kong Country
• Donkey Kong Country 2
• Earthbound
• F-Zero
• Illusion of Gaia
• Killer Instinct
• Kirby's Avalanche
• Kirby Dream Course
• Kirby Super Star
• Kirby 3
• Pilot Wings
• Sim City
• Star Fox
• Stunt Race FX
• Super Mario Kart
• Super Mario RPG
• Super Mario World
• Super Metroid
• Super Play Action Football
• Super Scope 6
• Super Soccer
• Super Tennis
• Tetris Attack
• Tetris 2
• Uniracers
• Vegas Stakes
• Wario's Woods
• Yoshi's Hunting
• Yoshi's Island
• Zelda

• 1080
• Blast Corps
• Bomberman 64
• Cruisin' USA
• Goldeneye
• Mario Golf 64
• Mario Party 3
• Mario Tennis 64
• Ogre Battle 64
• Paper Mario
• Pilot Wings 64
• Pokemon Snap
• Sin & Punishment
• Star Fox 64
• Super Mario 64
• Wave Race
• Yoshi's Story
• Zelda
They got Super Scope games, FCKING SWEET! I am all over that like flies on a rib roast. I remember having Super Scope and it was sweet as hell. GoldenEye also is another purchase, especaily with improved graphics. I would need to mull over the subscription, but the downloads I am all for.

Another note, The survey asked which methodology would I be more interested in to purchase the games: credits (stars), credit card or debit card.


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All those games... and yay! Starfox 64! Earthbound! Kid Icarus! I'm betting all those and more will be available at launch. I hope the prices aren't too large... or maybe some will be free.


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Wow, I haven't played many of those games in a long time. I hope they get many of the RPGs on there as well, like Dragon Warrior/Quest and Final Fantasy series. Anyone know if they'll be adding online support for many of these retro games, like Microsoft is doing?


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Umm... huh? What do you mean by "like Microsoft is doing," Thermal?

For the old Nintendo games being online-enabled, probably not. I'd think they'd be the same as before, having to be played on the same t.v.


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You can buy arcade games from Microsoft's marketplace like Gauntlet, Bejeweled, Joust, wiki, Zuma, board games, pool, etc. All these games have been updated so you can play them online or compare your score with others. You can also download demos of these games before you decide to buy them.


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I would like to know just how in the world MS got there hands on Joust... Joust is a Hal Labs game, and therefore owned by Nintendo, unless they signed off on it somehow