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I've used Firefox for a long time. Firefox 1, that is. Right now, I've got a problem when I download. The "save to" destination thing has nothing in it, and I can't click it to change it. Do I have to update / reinstall / delete FF?


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I've had that happen before.

You don't need to uninstall. Instead just reinstall over your current install. That should fix it.

Although why not upgrade to the newest version? I've been using it for a few months now and I am loving evey minute of it. :)


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Working in support myself (not for Firefox), I can advise you - it's nearly always best to be on the current version which has many bug fixes.


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On the other hand, I've not upgraded yet because I want to wait until all the bugs are fixed in the v2... It seems most initial releases these days are buggy.


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Well, It always seems that I'm too lazy to download the new update :) I'm always thinking "I'll do it later" but never end up doing it.


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I know the feeling, unless I have a problem I usually can't be bothered to update software, but it's one of the handiest things to fix problems.


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I can't even upgrade. :( Our network had a trojan virus last year in September so IT dropped evereyone access. I'm surprised I'm able to change the time because in the first three months I was there, I could not until they bumped my access up.