Download festival


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It's a three day music festival held in Donnington, England. Where monsters of rock used to be.
It's a rock festival on june the 13th -15th. This year Kiss, Offspring and lostprophets are headlining main stage. And Motorhead on the second stage!!! And Judas Priest are playing too.


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I wanted to go to this back in my slipknot days :lol: I wouldn't mind seeing Offspring but have they actually done anything since their Greatest Hits album?


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The offspring are amazing, such a good crowd aswell. Yeah they're working on a new album, which im very excited about. They did healine a fesival last summer in, i think japan. im not too sure though.
Oh yeah slipknot put a pretty good show on, I saw them at download a few years ago.
But lostprophets are headlning the main stage on one of the days, thats pretty awesome!


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Yeah I would love to go, sounds awesome and the bands are hot for the line up. But I'll wait to see if they come to the states, not traveling to the UK just to see them.



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I dunno. Im not that bothered about kiss, or judas priest. But it would be cool to say 'I've seen them!'
Pretty good for lostprophets to headline, I'm just excited about motorhead.