Movies Downey Jr. - "Iron Man 2 is incredibly risky for it's genre"


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IGN: Iron Man 2 Incredibly Risky

Iron Man 2 Incredibly Risky

Says Robert Downey, Jr. about 'artistic' superhero sequel.

by Orlando Parfitt, IGN UK

UK, April 20, 2009 - Robert Downey, Jr. has given a timely update as to how Iron Man 2 is coming along.

He told Collider.comthat the movie will be "incredibly risky and artistic for a big genre movie."

The actor went on: "The set pieces have to do with things that aren't your typical bad guy conflict. The relationships are very complex and hilarious.

"The motivations Tony has and why he turns around and does things has completely to do with his own internal processes... we're kind of trying to tell a story about how a dysfunctional family saves life on Earth as we know it."

Downey Jr. went on to say that he's taking the movie more seriously than any other movie he's ever done, and also that Gary Shandling has joined the cast to play a Senator.
Now I'm guessing that most of this is refering to Tony's alchoholism which Favreau said would be brought up in the second movie.


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Yeah, the alcoholism is not the kind of thing you typically see in a superhero movie. Especially for the superhero. I'm confident that the cast and director can handle it well, though. I can't imagine this movie not being as big a hit as the first one.