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Dove apologises for ad showing black woman turning into white one


Registered Member
What people are complaining about is one frame of a two frame ad. Yes, it went from black to white. Then in the next frame it went from white to Asian. What does that mean? Should white's be offended that Dove is insinuating that Asian's are "cleaner" than whites?

This was all started by one of those people who seem to wake up and start looking for something to be offended by. I've got news for everyone. Go to a barber shop long enough and you'll get a haircut. Look long enough to be offended and eventually you will be.

Boggles MY mind that so many people are willing to jump on that bandwagon before doing their own research.

Model in ‘racist’ Dove ad says it was misinterpreted: ‘I am not a victim’

Dove is still waiting for THEIR apology.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Keyboard warriors strike again

People have nothing better to do I guess? This is what they target? There is nothing wrong with this ad.

This is actually a joke. right?


Secret Agent
Staff member
It was supposed to show diversity. I can see why people who are looking for something to be upset about are upset but this clearly wasn’t supposed to be taken as “a black woman turning into a white woman. It’s obviously back to back different people in a sequence. A white woman also turned into somebody else. They all did. Nobody was singled out or made to look bad. Literally the point of the transition to other people was to highlight diversity, not put it down.

Go watch Michael Jackson’s music video for Black or White. Everybody loved that, so what is the difference here?


Registered Member
Some people's legit goal in life is to stir things up and see problems where there aren't any. This was one of those cases.


Free Spirit
Staff member
Anymore it seems people will find racism in everything.


not a plastic bag
I can't find the story I read years ago that talked about this campaigns are often pushed by a few to a few hundred people. Its amazing how loud the voices of a few people can be in today's world. 50 people tweeting, posting to fb, emailing and calling a company can seem like hundreds of thousands.


Registered Member
Did you think it was meant to be derogatory toward black women? I thought it was a lovely ad highlighting diversity and highlighting the beauty of all women by celebrating how similar we are. I thought it was beautiful. Is that not how an enlightened, truly accepting society is?


Creeping On You
this is stupid. we're both afraid of being racist and afraid of not being racist. I long for a time when people see this ad for the non racism it is. THey sell fucking soap. black people have dark pigment, white people don't. Dove wasn't saying 'black are dirtier than white' they were saying 'our soap is so good, it can wash skin pigment out. it can erase cultural boundaries. Everyone just automatically starts looking for racism anytime its "white" vs "black'. fuck that shit. we're all people.
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