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    Have you ever felt like you've been mis-treated due to a double-standard? Or has someone you know been treated unfairly (whether it be good or bad) because of a double-standard?

    I know I's just another problem in the world that will be hard to fix since many do it unconsciously.

    I was wondering....what are some double-standards that, well-for lack of better words, piss you off? On the other hand, have you ever benefitted (whether it be fair ot not) from any? Do you have any stories to tell?

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    One of the double standards that bothers me is the one that recognizes one kind of committed relationship and denies another, resulting in some people being denied 1049 rights and privileges that accrue to others under US law, and the worst part is that this double standard has no rational basis but is instead solely derived from the holy book of one religion.
    From the GOA: (
    Tables of Laws in the United States Code
    Involving Marital Status, by Category
    Title 7—Agriculture
    Chapter 5—Food Stamp Program
    § 2012 Definitions
    § 2014 Eligible households
    § 2020 Administration
    § 2030 Washington Family Independence Demonstration Project
    § 2031 Food stamp portion of Minnesota Family Investment Plan
    Title 42—The Public Health And Welfare
    Chapter 7—Social Security
    Subchapter II—Federal Old-Age, Survivors, And Disability Insurance Benefits
    § 402 Old-age and survivors insurance benefit payments
    § 403 Reduction of insurance benefits
    § 404 Overpayments and underpayments
    § 405 Evidence, procedure, and certification for payments
    § 409 "Wages" defined
    § 410 Definitions relating to employment
    § 411 Definitions relating to self-employment
    § 413 Quarter and quarter of coverage
    § 415 Computation of primary insurance amount
    § 416 Additional definitions
    § 422 Rehabilitation services
    § 423 Disability insurance benefit payments
    § 425 Additional rules relating to benefits based on disability
    § 426 Entitlement to hospital insurance benefits
    § 426-1 End stage renal disease program
    § 427 Transitional insured status for purposes of old-age and survivors benefits
    § 428 Benefits at age 72 for certain uninsured individuals
    Subchapter IV—Grants To States For Aid And Services To Needy Families With Children
    And For Child-Welfare Services
    Part A—Aid To Families With Dependent Children [Effective until July 1, 1997]
    § 602 State plans for aid and services to needy families with children; contents; approval by Secretary;
    records and reports; treatment of earned income advances
    § 606 Definitions
    § 607 Dependent children of unemployed parents
    § 615 Attribution of income and resources of sponsor and spouse to alien
    Part A—Block Grants To States For Temporary Assistance For Needy Families
    [Effective on July 1, 1997]
    § 601 Purpose
    GAO/OGC-97-16 Enclosure II
    § 604 Use of grants
    § 607 Mandatory work requirements
    § 608 Prohibitions; requirements
    § 611 Data collection and reporting
    § 613 Research, evaluations, and national studies
    Part D—Child Support And Establishment Of Paternity
    § 651 Authorization of appropriations
    § 652 Duties of Secretary
    § 653 Federal Parent Locator Service
    § 654 State plan for child and spousal support
    § 659 Enforcement of individual's legal obligations to provide child support or make alimony payments
    § 661 Regulations pertaining to garnishments [Public Law 104-193 provides for repeal of this section,
    effective February 22, 1997.]
    § 662 Definitions
    § 664 Collection of past-due support from Federal tax refunds
    § 665 Allotments from pay for child and spousal support owed by members of uniformed services on
    active duty
    § 666 Requirement of statutorily prescribed procedures to improve effectiveness of child support
    Part E—Federal Payments For Foster Care And Adoption Assistance
    § 679a National Adoption Information Clearinghouse
    Subchapter V—Maternal And Child Health Services Block Grant
    § 710 Separate program for abstinence education
    Subchapter VII—Administration
    § 907a National Commission on Social Security
    Subchapter XI—General Provisions, Peer Review, And Administrative Simplification
    Part A—General Provisions
    § 1319 Federal participation in payments for repairs to home owned by recipient of aid or assistance
    § 1320a-6 Adjustments in SSI benefits on account of retroactive benefits under subchapter II
    § 1320b-1 Notification of Social Security claimant with respect to deferred vested benefits
    § 1320b-9 National Commission on Children
    Subchapter XVI—Supplemental Security Income For Aged, Blind,
    And Disabled
    Part A—Determination Of Benefits
    § 1382 Eligibility for benefits
    § 1382a Income; earned and unearned income defined; exclusions from income
    § 1382b Resources
    § 1382c Definitions
    § 1382d Rehabilitation services for blind and disabled individuals
    § 1382g Payments to State for operation of supplementation program
    § 1382h Benefits for individuals who perform substantial gainful activity despite severe medical impairment
    § 1382j Attribution of sponsor's income and resources to aliens
    Part B—Procedural And General Provisions
    Page 2 GAO/OGC-97-16 Enclosure II
    § 1383 Procedure for payment of benefits
    § 1383c Eligibility for medical assistance of aged, blind, or disabled individuals under State's medical
    assistance plan
    Subchapter XVIII—Health Insurance For Aged And Disabled
    Part A—Hospital Insurance Benefits For Aged And Disabled
    § 1395i-2 Hospital insurance benefits for uninsured elderly individuals not otherwise eligible
    Part B—Supplementary Medical Insurance Benefits For Aged And Disabled
    § 1395p Enrollment periods
    § 1395r Amount of premiums for individuals enrolled under this part
    § 1395s Payment of premiums
    Part C—Miscellaneous Provisions
    § 1395y Exclusions from coverage and medicare as secondary payer
    § 1395gg Overpayment on behalf of individuals and settlement of claims for benefits on behalf of deceased
    § 1395mm Payments to health maintenance organizations and competitive medical plans
    Subchapter XIX—Grants To States For Medical Assistance Programs
    § 1396a State plans for medical assistance
    § 1396b Payment to States
    § 1396d Definitions
    § 1396p Liens, adjustments and recoveries, and transfers of assets
    § 1396r Requirements for nursing facilities
    § 1396r-5 Treatment of income and resources for certain institutionalized spouses
    § 1396u-1 Assuring coverage for certain low-income families
    § 1396v References to laws directly affecting medicaid program
    Chapter 8—Low-Income Housing
    Subchapter I—General Program Of Assisted Housing
    § 1437a Rental payments
    Chapter 8A—Slum Clearance, Urban Renewal, And Farm Housing
    Subchapter III—Farm Housing
    § 1471 Financial assistance by Secretary of Agriculture
    Chapter 32—Third Party Liability For Hospital And Medical Care
    § 2651 Recovery by United States
    Chapter 130—National Affordable Housing
    Subchapter I—General Provisions And Policies
    § 12704 Definitions
    § 12713 Eligibility under first-time homebuyer programs
    Subchapter III—National Homeownership Trust Demonstration
    § 12852 Assistance for first-time homebuyers
    § 12854 Definitions
    Subchapter IV—Hope For Homeownership Of Multifamily And
    Single Family Homes
    Part B—Hope For Homeownership Of Single Family Homes
    § 12896 Definitions
    Page 3 GAO/OGC-97-16 Enclosure II
    Page 4 GAO/OGC-97-16 Enclosure II
    Title 5—Government Organization And Employees
    Part III—Employees
    Subpart A—General Provisions
    Chapter 21—Definitions
    § 2108 Veteran; disabled veteran; preference eligible
    Title 38—Veterans' Benefits
    Part I—General Provisions
    Chapter 1—General
    § 101 Definitions
    § 102 Dependent parents
    § 103 Special provisions relating to marriages
    § 113 Treatment of certain programs under sequestration procedures
    Chapter 3—Department Of Veterans Affairs
    § 306 Under Secretary for Health
    Chapter 5—Authority And Duties Of The Secretary
    Subchapter I—General Authorities
    § 503 Administrative error; equitable relief
    § 511 Decisions of the Secretary; finality
    Part II—General Benefits
    Chapter 11—Compensation For Service-Connected Disability Or Death
    Subchapter I—General
    § 1102 Special provisions relating to surviving spouses
    Subchapter II—Wartime Disability Compensation
    § 1115 Additional compensation for dependents
    § 1116 Presumptions of service connection for diseases associated with exposure to certain herbicide
    Subchapter III—Wartime Death Compensation
    § 1121 Basic entitlement
    § 1122 Rates of wartime death compensation
    Subchapter V—Peacetime Death Compensation
    § 1141 Basic entitlement
    Subchapter VI—General Compensation Provisions
    § 1158 Disappearance
    Chapter 13—Dependency And Indemnity Compensation For Service-Connected Deaths
    Subchapter I—General
    § 1302 Determination of pay grade
    § 1304 Special provisions relating to surviving spouses
    Subchapter II—Dependency And Indemnity Compensation
    § 1310 Deaths entitling survivors to dependency and indemnity compensation
    § 1311 Dependency and indemnity compensation to a surviving spouse
    § 1312 Benefits in certain cases of in-service or service-connected deaths
    § 1313 Dependency and indemnity compensation to children
    § 1314 Supplemental dependency and indemnity compensation to children
    GAO/OGC-97-16 Enclosure II Page 5
    § 1315 Dependency and indemnity compensation to parents
    § 1316 Dependency and indemnity compensation in cases of prior deaths
    § 1317 Restriction on payments under this chapter
    § 1318 Benefits for survivors of certain veterans rated totally disabled at time of death
    Subchapter III—Certifications
    § 1322 Certifications with respect to social security entitlement
    Chapter 15—Pension For Non-Service-Connected Disability Or Death
    Or For Service
    Subchapter I—General
    § 1503 Determinations with respect to annual income
    § 1505 Payment of pension during confinement in penal institutions
    § 1506 Resource reports and overpayment adjustments
    § 1507 Disappearance
    Subchapter II—Veterans' Pensions
    Non-Service-Connected Disability Pension
    § 1521 Veterans of a period of war
    § 1522 Net worth limitation
    Subchapter III—Pensions To Surviving Spouses And Children
    Wars Before World War I
    § 1532 Surviving spouses of Civil War veterans
    § 1533 Children of Civil War veterans
    § 1534 Surviving spouses of Indian War veterans
    § 1535 Children of Indian War veterans
    § 1536 Surviving spouses of Spanish-American War veterans
    § 1537 Children of Spanish-American War veterans
    § 1541 Surviving spouses of veterans of a period of war
    § 1542 Children of veterans of a period of war
    § 1543 Net worth limitation
    Chapter 17—Hospital, Nursing Home, Domiciliary, And Medical Care
    Subchapter I—General
    § 1701 Definitions
    Subchapter II—Hospital, Nursing Home, Or Domiciliary Care And Medical
    § 1713 Medical care for survivors and dependents of certain veterans
    Subchapter III—Miscellaneous Provisions Relating To Hospital And Nursing Home
    Care And Medical Treatment Of Veterans
    § 1722 Determination of inability to defray necessary expenses; income thresholds
    § 1729 Recovery by the United States of the cost of certain care and services
    Chapter 19—Insurance
    Subchapter I—National Service Life Insurance
    § 1901 Definitions
    § 1916 Insurance which matured before August 1, 1946
    § 1918 Assignments
    GAO/OGC-97-16 Enclosure II Page 6
    § 1922 Service disabled veterans' insurance
    Subchapter II—United States Government Life Insurance
    § 1953 Assignments
    Subchapter III—Servicemen's Group Life Insurance
    § 1965 Definitions
    § 1970 Beneficiaries; payment of insurance
    Chapter 23—Burial Benefits
    § 2307 Death from service-connected disability
    Chapter 24—National Cemeteries And Memorials
    § 2402 Persons eligible for interment in national cemeteries
    Part III—Readjustment And Related Benefits
    Chapter 30—All-Volunteer Force Educational Assistance Program
    Subchapter II—Basic Educational Assistance
    § 3017 Death benefit
    Chapter 32—Post-Vietnam Era Veterans' Educational Assistance
    Subchapter II—Eligibility; Contributions; And Matching Fund
    § 3224 Death of participant
    Chapter 34—Veterans' Educational Assistance
    Subchapter I—Purpose—Definitions
    § 3452 Definitions
    Subchapter V—Special Assistance For The Educationally Disadvantaged
    § 3492 Tutorial assistance
    Chapter 35—Survivors' And Dependents' Educational Assistance
    Subchapter I—Definitions
    § 3500 Purpose
    § 3501 Definitions
    Subchapter II—Eligibility And Entitlement
    § 3511 Duration of educational assistance
    § 3512 Periods of eligibility
    Subchapter IV—Payments To Eligible Persons
    § 3534 Apprenticeship or other on-job training; correspondence courses
    Chapter 36—Administration Of Educational Benefits Subchapter
    § 3680 Payment of educational assistance or subsistence allowances
    § 3686 Correspondence courses
    Chapter 41—Job Counseling, Training, And Placement Service For Veterans
    § 4101 Definitions
    Part IV—General Administrative Provisions
    Chapter 51—Claims, Effective Dates, And Payments
    Subchapter I—Claims
    § 5101 Claims and forms
    § 5105 Joint applications for social security and dependency and indemnity compensation
    GAO/OGC-97-16 Enclosure II Page 7
    Subchapter II—Effective Dates
    § 5110 Effective dates of awards
    § 5111 Commencement of period of payment
    § 5112 Effective dates of reductions and discontinuances
    Subchapter III—Payment Of Benefits
    § 5120 Payment of benefits; delivery
    § 5121 Payment of certain accrued benefits upon death of a beneficiary
    § 5123 Rounding down of pension rates
    § 5124 Acceptance of claimant's statement as proof of relationship
    Chapter 53—Special Provisions Relating To Benefits
    § 5303A Minimum active-duty service requirement
    § 5304 Prohibition against duplication of benefits
    § 5307 Apportionment of benefits
    § 5310 Payment of benefits for month of death
    § 5311 Prohibition of certain benefit payments
    § 5313 Limitation on payment of compensation and dependency and indemnity compensation to persons
    incarcerated for conviction of a felony
    Chapter 55—Minors, Incompetents, And Other Wards
    § 5502 Payments to and supervision of fiduciaries
    § 5503 Hospitalized veterans and estates of incompetent institutionalized veterans
    Chapter 61—Penal And Forfeiture Provisions
    § 6103 Forfeiture for fraud
    Part V—Boards, Administrations, And Services
    Chapter 72—United States Court Of Veterans Appeals
    Subchapter V—Retirement And Survivors Annuities
    § 7297 Survivor annuities
    Chapter 73—Veterans Health Administration—Organization And Functions
    Subchapter III—Protection Of Patient Rights
    § 7332 Confidentiality of certain medical records
    Chapter 74—Veterans Health Administration—Personnel
    Subchapter II—Collective Bargaining And Personnel Administration
    § 7426 Retirement rights
    Part VI—Acquisition And Disposition Of Property
    Chapter 85—Disposition Of Deceased Veterans' Personal Property
    Subchapter I—Property Left On Department Facility
    § 8502 Disposition of unclaimed personal property
    § 8504 Disposition of other unclaimed property
    Subchapter II—Death While Patient Of Department Facility
    § 8520 Vesting of property left by decedents
    § 8521 Presumption of contract for disposition of personalty
    GAO/OGC-97-16 Enclosure II Page 8
    Title 42—The Public Health And Welfare
    Chapter 7—Social Security
    Subchapter II—Federal Old-Age, Survivors, And Disability Insurance Benefits
    § 417 Benefits for veterans
    GAO/OGC-97-16 Enclosure II Page 9
    Title 26—Internal Revenue Code
    Subtitle A—Income Taxes
    Chapter 1—Normal Taxes And Surtaxes
    Subchapter A—Determination Of Tax Liability
    Part I—Tax On Individuals
    § 1 Tax imposed
    § 2 Definitions and special rules
    Part IV—Credits Against Tax
    Subpart A—Nonrefundable Personal Credits
    § 21 Expenses for household and dependent care services necessary for gainful employment
    § 22 Credit for the elderly and the permanently and totally disabled
    § 23 Adoption expenses
    Subpart C—Refundable Credits
    § 32 Earned income
    Subpart D—Business Related Credits
    § 38 General business credit
    § 42 Low-income housing credit
    § 45A Indian employment credit
    Subpart E—Rules For Computing Investment Credit
    § 50 Other special rules
    Part VI—Alternative Minimum Tax
    § 55 Alternative minimum tax imposed
    Subchapter B—Computation Of Taxable Income
    Part I—Definition Of Gross Income, Adjusted Gross Income, Taxable
    Income, Etc.
    § 61 Gross income defined
    § 62 Adjusted gross income defined
    § 63 Taxable income defined
    § 66 Treatment of community income
    § 68 Overall limitation on itemized deductions
    Part II—Items Specifically Included In Gross Income

    And the list goes on for several more pages.
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    Double standards are a part of every day life in the military. Why is it that when a soldier leaves his weapon somewhere, all the soldiers get in trouble, but when an NCO or officer leaves his weapon somewhere, it gets swept under the rug. Just for clarification, I'm talking about leaving it in the dining facility or similar places on base.
  4. oxyMORON

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    Well the only double standard I can think of is guys and girls having sex. For guys, it's "cool", but for girls it's whorish.
  5. Merc

    Merc Certified Shitlord V.I.P. Lifetime

    Yeah, the whole "playa" vs. "ho" double standard. It's risky both ways, but I think it may have to do with the fact that female parts can lose integrity (if she's that much of a tramp or simply had a baby). It's still kind of unfair though.
  6. breathilizer

    breathilizer Resident Ass-Kisser

    Well, I guess that's one way of putting it.
  7. Kos4Evr

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    Sadly double standards are a fact of life. The worst part is a lot of people don't even realize they are doing it.
  8. deltabtry

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    You have to remember when these laws where written most of what you have written wasn't a issue, therefor it would appear to be a double standard. These laws weren't written with this in mind, to makes changes to these laws would required a groups to come forward and illustrate a convincing argument before their representatives. BTW in some states this has been done, laws in this country are slow to change and is a long and drawn out process, change will come sooner or later.
  9. Mare Tranquillity

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    See my response to this post on the: Why Do Homosexual People Have to Prove That They Deserve Equality? thread.
  10. Iris

    Iris rainbow 11!

    My favorite double standard is when guys think it's cool to masturbate to lesbians yet the thought of gay guys sends them into a homophobic rampage!

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