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Game Cube Double Dash = Simply HORRIBLE!


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The AI in this game was insanely hard. I was playing the easiest mode and I could not get past 6th place. Also there should have been a mode where you could play a single person cart. Mario Kart DS easily put this game to shame!


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Mario Kart DS was more fun, but Double Dash was fun. I found that the game was most enjoyable when you had more than one person to play with.


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i don't know what u guys are talking about because i beat double dash easily. if you had trouble you must not play very much racing games. i do think that mariokart ds is better though...


New Member
So would you rather have a really easy game. It makes me bored when the game is too easy. I thought that Mario Kart was a little hard but nothing that you couldn't practice and master. It is still one of my favorite games.


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The game has more or less the correct difficulty it is even rather too easy on some races. I'd actually prefere it slightly harder.


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Mario 64 battle was much better, but all in all I think Double-Dash was really fun. I would have preferred if it was harder in some areas too though. I like games that you have to play and play and perfect before you can beat them. I beat DD pretty quickly and unlocked all race modes.


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ok, Ok.... Double Dash was an EASY game for me because I remembered racing for the SNES and 64.... The only thing that was different was the Powerslide Boost... (For those who don't know, during a powerslide, keep going left and right while holding the R or L button... Turn depending... Then after you see blue flames, let go...) It's cool nevertheless...


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I'd have to say it's one of the easier, simpler racing games out there. On 50cc, I usually get 1st and 2nd place on all the cups. Practice a bit, you'll get more comfortable with it. You'll move up to 100cc if you try hard enough. But as for the two player karts, I thought it was much more fun. With another person, it's a great, crazy experience. Even the one player mode is still fairly enjoyable experience. I can't see why you don't like it, but I suppose everyone has their own likes and dislikes.


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those games i beat in less than a week they were so easy! how could u not think tht the game is easy?


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Double Dash gets really hard when you have to race Nintendo's staff data in any level, if you ever get that good of a time in time trials.