Door-to-door people


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What do you do with them? Listen to them talk and then say no?

My dad always says "No speak English" and they still babble on, he gets pissed and slams the door. Fucking entertaining to watch.


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I cut them off at the pass and say no thanks and shut the door immediately. I also don't open the screen door which kind of puts them off a little too lol
We rarely even get unsolicited door-to-door people on my street since it's a dead end. When they do come they tend to come early in the morning and wake me up. I'm too tired/polite to be mean to them, so I usually just stare at them with a confused look on my face and make them feel uncomfortable.


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They're not allowed in our building but sometimes they slip in somehow...probably one of the neighbors let them in. I say No thanks, or stare, or I tell them I'm not the house owner and just the domestic (works well when I'm actually busy doing the chores when they ring).
I never answer the door for anybody besides the USP/USPS guy and the authorities. Other than that, I just hide out until they leave. :evil:


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Since I moved out I tend to not answer the door unless I'm expecting someone. There's a couple of neighbours that I have heard knock on my door before and I'm avoiding them at all costs.

If I ever have answered the door to them I would close it again when they started talking.
I always just say "no thank you" and shut the door. Either that our they see my dog going crazy in the window after they ring the bell, and they leave before I even make it to the door.