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Are you guilty of it? Even to this day, I doodle on all notebooks. I blame my over-creative mind. Doodling helps me empty my head a little bit. Do you do it just during class or anywhere else?


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I get in trouble at school for doodling, it's sort of retarded, so I don't do it. There are a few classes where they don't care if I doodle though so I do, in history, math, and even band sometimes.

I'll do it at home occasionally too.


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I hated when teachers got pissed at students for doodling. Yeah, it's an attention thing, but if they're going to doodle, is it not their loss?


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I used to doodle on all my school books,scraps of paper anything that i could!.
I get in trouble at work now for doodling on the work sheets,dont no why i do it.


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I doodle during class all the time. You should see my notebooks. I'm in college so no one minds if I doodle during class. Also if I'm on the phone with someone for a long time I tend to doodle while talking to them.


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I am the MAD Doodler! I Carry a sketch pad with me where ever I go. Some of my Mad doodles have turned out to be costumes and props later on in life.

Doodling is a good thing, it's healthy for ya..


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I doodle quite often in the margins of my notebooks. I feel a bit guilty about it, since I'm supposed to be paying attention in class and not off in my own little world, but I do believe that some good does come of it. Some of my favorite drawings have come from me flipping to a blank page in the middle of class.


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i totally did when i was in school. now i try to stick to bigger ideas. i've put up two of my drawings...gotta finish my latest but i need to order a color or two first.


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When I'm on the phone at work I always doodle. For some reason I only write my name in various ways or draw silly faces. I'm not gifted when it comes to drawing but oh well.