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Don't you hate...


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...it when you finish posting, close the window, sit there for a few seconds, realize you either have (a) nothing to do or (b) something you don't want to do, open the window again, and get thrown into an feral rage because nobody's posted anything in the decaseconds interim? I really hate that.
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not a plastic bag
I hate when someone makes a thread about people not responding to his thread and then I get all exciting thinking that no body will ever reply to the thread and that would be kinda funny. But then someone steps in *cough*Rebecca*cough* and with 8 characters ruins the whole joke.


not a plastic bag
everybody knows I was joking right? I realize this is sub-talk and to be funny you're supposed to include something about your private parts. :lol:

but still, I thought it was funny if I do say so.


It's not me, it's you.
You have to have feelings to get them hurt, you robot!