PC Games Dont You Hate

Don't you just hate when your playing a mmo game and your on your good day kicking so much ass that your game freezes or crashes. P.s this is for people who have just a good working computer so please don't brag that your computer doesn't crash.
It sucks, I agree. I make it to a good team and - BAM - outage, freeze or slowdown. Those are the things you can't help, and it sucks because it's like your computer is tormenting you.

I also hate when anti-virus pops up and minimizes your game screen. That could get you a game over if it happens at the wrong time.


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:lol: Every time your MMO freezes the world becomes that much of a better place to live in.

I don't play MMO's ever, but It is like when in the middle of COD4 or something and my internet connection crashes... Or at work and I don't save and the comp freezes.. It is pretty bad
ah... well i have like the worst laptop in the world and i have COD2 on it
so when i get put on a team im always first blood, and by the tie the lagg has stopped the games over