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Don't you hate it when....


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all.

I don’t know abought you but this is starting to tick me off!
So I decided to start this “Don’t you hate it when”

So what is it you might ask?

Well I shall tell you. But first you have to say to yourself, WTF is going on here.!!

The past few days I have been going out and gather up stuff for Halloween.
Every fricken store I went to had 5 or more isles of Christmas crap and one Halloween isle.

It isn’t even Halloween and they have X-Mass stuff out!! Can you believe this SH*T!?

What the kcuF Happened to Thanksgiving!? Not to mention that it isn’t even Halloween yet!!!

I even heard Christmas music!!!! Now that’s just wrong!!

I am so sick of this! I just want to douse the X-mass tree with gasoline and chuck it right out the old picture window!

Why do they do this? It’s not to celebrate Birth of Christ, or the sun gods B-day. (Do not flame).
It’s a race to make the almighty dollar. And since Halloween and Thanksgiving really doesn’t make the retail outlets allot money, so they are trying to cram as much X-mass stuff down our throats as soon as possible to make a buck. Is the almighty Dollar worth more than Tradition?

And we (By we I mean You) as consumers gobble it up!! WTF!!!!!

Don’t you miss the Halloweens and thanksgivings from your youth? When we didn’t change the holidays to better suit our wallets?
I know I do..
That is part of the reason that I go Gonzo on my Halloween setups. And you can bet Thanksgiving is done right in my house.

As for X_mass. I could really care less for it. The only reason I will do anything for X-Mass is for my wife and kids.
I think I will put up Halloween decorations back up on X-Mass as my protest to all this Crap!!! :lol:

Well thank you for letting me rant and rave. Please feel free to add your own rants to this.


Wanna play?
All I can say is, you must be living in the wrong state. Halloween is HUGE around here, the 2nd biggest retail holiday (need I say what's 1st?)
I haven't seen anything relating to Christmas in the stores.....YET....and would gag if I did. One holiday at a time please.
How many haunts are in your area?? The Fear Finder and Haunt Guide just came out, and there are sooooooo many to visit this year.
I truly think it has a lot to do with the state your in. A friend of mine just moved to Tenn last week, and he said there are no haunts anywhere near them, and that the religious fanatics would probably faint if anyone tried to open one near.:-o


Registered Member
Yup, I see it too, and did in fact hear a Christmas tune in a store the other day. It was still Summer for crying out loud!
Personally, though, I don't let it bother me. If everyone else wants to become a big commercialized nutjob, let 'em. I'll still celebrate every holiday as it comes in my own way.


Secret Agent
Staff member
I like Christmas more than Halloween. I guess I like the cheerier holidays better. :) But not in SEPTEMBER! I think stores should wait until at least November.

Anyway, don't you hate it when you hit the automatic starter button on your key chain and don't realize it until later, only to find your car outside and running, waste $3.00 a gallon gas? :-o :sick:

That happened to me a few days ago. It's never happened before so at first I was confused. Then I figured I must have hit it by accident somehow. :shake:


Registered Member
Wow Andrew - that's a bad one! I don't have any of those newfangled contraptions with my car and I'm glad. No buttons, except on the radio.


what? no pink?
omg! Andrew that is terrible. although I'm sorry I did have to laugh:nod:

the worst I have done was set my panic button off while I was at work. Someone had to come and tell me my car was going off. LOL


Registered Member
I don't have the automatic buttons on my car either! Now I'm glad :lol:

Hm. My gripes are more mundane things like.... why can't laundry and dishes stay *done* for more than five minutes?


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Dont you just hate it when a member comes back around from a 5 month hiatus?

Surfer, thats been going on for yearsm yiu just decieded to post about it now!
Comeone now, halloween stuff has been out here since the start of september, as soon as halloween is over, Christmas stuff will be out (yes there are those strange places with christmas stuff out already!)

Thanksgiving isnt 'retailable'...

Did you know that most stores lose money durring thansgiving. Turkeys are sold year around at a loss! Yes, grocery stores pay more for turkeys than the price they sell them at, Thanksgiving is even worse...

Most places are selling them at 19-29 cents a pund, yet pay 1.59 a pound to just bring them in the store! Thats why Thanksgiving isnt really 'celebrated' retaily


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Manual transmissions don't have that new-fangled button.

Don't you hate it when a speaker dies? That annoying garbled sound that comes out, especially when there's a lot of bass?


what? no pink?
......when the alarm doesn't go off because there is a short in it!!!!! :mad: So you have to get up rushed and the entire day is ruined cuz you didn't have a good start to it :shake: