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Don't you hate it when?


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all ...Let's just jump right on in shall we?

Don't you hate it when you bid on a auction and you watch the auction you bid on just to have the seller cancle the auction in the last day or few hours...
:rant: Dirty rotten#@!$%&*#@#@!:rant: @#@[email protected]##@&$#:rant:
And then they give you a lame excuse that they either forgot to put a reserve on it or it was just a test auction missplaced....WTF Butthead don't you check up on your auctions or what????
Waits till the last min and poof nomore auction...........
Get me all excited abought winning this kick ass new type of longboard...
And then cancle it on me...
I cry foul.!!!! No fair !!!!!!! I should atleast get something for all this hastle and my time ...
But nooooooooooo...All I get is sorry for the confusion...What confusion?
They put the board up for Auction(6 Days), I bid and was the highest bidder.
The auction was almost over and they pull it.!!!!!
And All I get is sorry.........
Man that really frosts my chapps.....
And that isn't the first time either...What is it with sellers? If you don't put a reserve on it, you sold it for the highest bid....
What is so hard abought that.????:confused:


Secret Agent
Staff member
It's called avoiding fees and you can report them for it. If they have a track record of ending auctions and canceling all bids, and never using reserve, eBay will suspend them.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Oh yes you can bet your booty I turned them in...And I wasn't the only one the did it to who complained to eBay on friday. Mess with me will ya..
If you don't want to sell something cheap Put a reserve on it, or don't auction it off at all.!
I hope santa brings them a big lump of coal and a big bag of steaming reindeer poop.:lol: