"Don't Tase Me, Bro!" UCF Student Gets the Strong Left Hook of the Law


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UF student Tasered at Kerry forum

By ILEANA MORALES, Alligator Writer

A UF student was shot with a Taser gun today at a campus forum with U.S. Sen. John Kerry.

Andrew Meyer, a telecommunication senior, yelled out to Kerry, a Democrat from Massachusetts, and insisted his questions be answered while police tried to restrain him.

Meyer shouted that the senator should answer everyone’s questions. Kerry was brought to UF by Accent, Student Government’s speakers bureau.

Kerry said it would "be fair" to answer Meyer’s question, and police allowed Meyer to approach one of the microphones set up in the University Auditorium.

Kerry finished answering a previous question, which was intended to be the last question for the forum at about 1:30 p.m.

During Meyer’s question, his microphone was cut off, and police tried to move him away from the microphone. Steven Blank, Accent’s chairman, said Meyer was cut off because he used profanity and his question was too long.

When police moved him away, Meyer resisted and began to yell out to the audience, asking "What did I do? What am I being arrested for?"

Two officers tried to handcuff and restrain Meyer while another pointed a Taser at him.

As they moved Meyer closer to the auditorium exit, Meyer screamed for help.

Once Meyer was removed, Kerry continued to answer Meyer’s question about why he did not contest the 2004 election.
Source: http://www.alligator.org/articles/2007/09/17/news/campus/arrestbreak.txt

I can't believe people are backing this idiot. He caused a ruckus, resisted police, was rude, profane, and incendiary. Yet, people are hating on the cops.

Andrew Meyer is a flamethrower and firestarter, he enjoys putting himself in situations where he can get his ass beat or embarassed and then call himself a victim of oppression or evil.

What do you think?


I think that he could have been arrested without using a taser.

A taser is a Tesla coil. It is used by science teachers and others to demonstrate excitation of the atoms of inert elements. For example, argon in an enclosed glass tube will produce a characteristic color when excited by high voltage, produced by a Tesla coil or taser.

Humans are not inert, nor are they elements. A taser can be lethal or not. A .45 can be lethal or not.

The police might have been right in arresting him, but not by the means they employed.

And why didn't Kerry ever answer the questions?


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Actually, Kerry did answer the questions. If you read the article, the guy was speaking over his limit and being profane. They were trying to keep the place civil and tried to escort him out when he began resisting.


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I have no problem with him being arrested. But I don't think that there was a need for him to be shot with a taser. There's just so many things that could go wrong, especially if his heart had a bad reaction to it, he could've been killed.

Also, the link you provided doesn't work.


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I had a conversation with a friend of mine about this and she flat out disagreed with everything that happened. She actually believed (because I asked her) that he could have been standing up there saying, "shit, cock, cunt, balls, fuck" and he shouldn't have been taken away.

I don't know how I can say this without sounding like a dictator, but that to me is freedom of speech gone wrong. This guy was in a political forum, the student paper says that he got profane and crude and was asked to leave. He continued to be rude and disruptive by asking his questions when he wasn't welcomed to anymore. It's that simple.

You can't be profane and rude when talking politics or the whole thing falls to pieces. My friend however, simply doesn't believe this. I agree with her that freedom of speech is something to be protected and that it's a great concept, but when it infringes upon public decency and creates problems, for no reason related to social progress or benefit, why should it be tolerated?


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Police are just too strict. He didnt deserve the taser thats for sure.
Yes he did.

He presented himself as a threat by continuously resisting arrest, shouting, yelling, and being rude. The security around a high political figure has to be tighter than most and when some fruity firestarter like this kid comes along, they're usually and rightfully on the receiving end. The cop held the taser pointed at him and instead of doing the smart thing and proving to the cops that he didn't have to be disabled through force by stopping his frantic getaway attempt, he wouldn't have been tasered.

I bet he got a hard on when that taser hit him because he knew he could rally liberal college students from across the globe.


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He could have avoided being tased simply by doing what he was told.

There is no such thing as absolute freedom of speech. It is always regulated by time, place and content. Speech in the political arena is limited. For instance, instead of being profane, suppose the questioner launched into a series of questions which were clearly nonsense. What did you have for breakfast? Did you have sex with your wife last night? Are you wearing underwear right now? None of these questions are profane. They are not pertinent, they would be limited by content restrictions. When speech strays from legitimacy to mere heckling, as is clearly the case here, on top of time being up, also clearly the case here, the person will be removed. It wasn't removing him that caused the problem, it was absolutely his refusal to leave that caused him to be tasered.


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tipsy, for some reason, I really enjoy finding something I agree with you on! Yes, that was sort of a jab, but a friendly one so don't sweat it.


I can't agree more, the kid was just a downright fool and anyone who believes that freedom of speech is absolute is wrong.