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Don't Give Up On Psychiatric Meds Too Soon


Registered Member
Some people who are going through a tough time in their lives seek a psychiatrist in the hopes that being put on a psychiatric medication will make them feel better and help them with the problems they're facing in life. And some folks get lucky and find the first or second medication they're prescribed by a doctor gets them to feel better and emotionally balanced.

But then their are others who don't find the first or second pill that they're prescribed to be helpful. It takes them a number of months to be put on a medication that actually works for them and makes them feel good.

Unfortunately though, some people who try a few medications under the psychiatrist's orders and don't get better give up on trying to find the right med(s). They believe that since a few psych meds didn't work for them then that must mean that psychiatric medications aren't going to help them...not realizing that if they keep at it and keep trying new meds under the doctor's orders, they'll eventually find psychiatric medication to be helpful to them. They'll find the right med(s) for them.