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Don't be an idiot..


Wanna play?
....like me!

At the beginning of summer, I cancelled my monthly membership with a very well know video store, mainly because the 24.95 wasn't worth it to me (this is what we paid in order to rent as many movies as we wanted each month and keep them as long as we wanted) Well, I went into this store to purchase an Xbox game for a friend of ours, while I was there I discovered that the cancellation never went through and they've been deducting the amount from my checking account every month.
So now your thinking, "ummmm how come you didn't know this" right? Well, the simple fact is, my husband and I are both too busy to balance the checkbook and see what's going on, so we didn't even realize this was being deducted. I just assumed it had been taken care of.....IDIOT!!!
In order to make a long story short, they were nice enough to reverse all of the charges even though I had no proof that I had cancelled the membership.
I just went and checked out my account, and discovered something else that shouldn't be being deducted.....DOUBLE IDIOT!!!

Moral of the story.............balance the book!!:shake:


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi ya...dawn found the same thing out almost the same way you did..but they didn't give her a refund even with the proof of cancellation..
What a bunch of money grubbing jerks!:mad:
But I got even with them....Won't say how...Could get me into trouble :lol:
One way or another I allways get my money back.

I don't get mad, I get even!!!!!:D :lol:


what? no pink?
yea I found this out about the same way a few years ago. Since then I have had access to my checking account online and I check it (believe it or not) a couple of times a day since it only takes a couple of seconds. I have discovered many unauthorized charges this way and was able to deal with them very quickly : ) Saves having to wait till the end of the month to get your statement and discover it then, sometimes to late.


Registered Member
You're suppose to balance your checkbook????????

Wowza you did get lucky, them taking your word for it and refunding. Not an idiot thing (although the hubby would disagree and have a fit) but I rarely pay attention either....ok, maybe we're both idiots? Can't remember the last time I wrote an acutal check. Do it all online or have it go to my CC. (frequent flyer miles) I do find if it's on the computer I check it much more often than any ol paper statement that would come in the mail.


Wanna play?
I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one!:nod: Your right though, I felt very lucky to have gotten the $ back...the manager did jokingly say though "ya might wanna keep a better eye on your bank account" (as if he was joking pleeaase)!!:lol:


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I guess I'm the rare one here. I balance my checkbook every week like clockwork.


Wanna play?
That's what I expected everyone to say Wolver, but I'm glad to hear it's not just me.
I actually stopped at the bank after work to dispute another charge I found.


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I balance the checkbook very well... One in each hand :D
That counts right?

I am very fortunate. For some reason my husband manages to do it all in his head. As long as I tell him what check number and for how much, he knows exactly how much is in the account always and never writes it down.


what? no pink?
I didn't know anyone balanced checkbooks anymore LOL I have never done it. well at least not since high school during finance class when I had to do it for a grade :D