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I recently just saw this movie for the first time, and I have to say, a very deep, very intense film.

It stars Jake Gylenhall and Drew Barymore, who was also the executive director for the film.

It's one of those movies that you may have to watch more than once in order to get the basic gist of it. Very complex and it gets you thinking.

Didin't know how many people have seen this film before. I saw the director's cut.

Thoughts? Comments? Criticism?


I also just recently saw this movie and it instantly jumped to my top favorites. It's an amazingly great movie with a very deep message of personal sacrafice, also it gets your brain thinking.

One of the amazing things my friend was telling me about it was that it was filmed in only 28 days and on a REALLY small budget.

If you haven't seen it before I highly suggest it to everyone.
I liked this movie quite a bit... really gets you thinking about stuff, not to mention the convolutedness of the plot requires some thought as well. The song Mad World in it is overplayed though.


Film Elitist
Definitely one of my favorite films as well. It's a very good mindfuck. It will get you thinking after the movie, that's for sure.

Though it's one of those movies where if you don't get the gist of it right away, you may have to watch it again to grasp the concept.


I just saw the movie couple of days ago and I liked it. Its in my favourites now.

It shows a messege of sarciface.

Really awsome movie