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I like it! I think it definitely paints you as a real artist instead of someone who just threw something together and stuck it on ebay. I can see why it is improving your sales!


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I love your work!

I would love to read on your about me page how you became interested or your influences to create. I think that would help you sell even more. I wonder if you should drop the personal photo though, I think its cool to imagine how the artist looks. Again my two cents. I expect change back!


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That painting is fantastic, loved it.

I was surprised to see your own picture there but, then again, I don't look at Me pages that often, so maybe it's something people expect. And I kept scrolling, looking for something about the artist and her work, too. I think maybe a little more information would make it even better.


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Your painting is nice, but I agree with a few others that some information about yourself would be nice. :nod: