Done School :)


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So I finished my first semester at one school and my other school doesnt start until next week and ive got until friday to kill any suggestions keeping in mind im 16, no car no liscense, i live in the middle of buttfuck nowhere and i have no money :p


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lmao i thought of that as a given :p but that should give me something to do for quite a large portion of my vacation :)


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Go and lose your virginity, play some videogames, go on a bike ride, surf teh interwebs, hang with friends, get a temp job, go to the toilet a couple of times and maybe eat some food.


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I agree with all of Bliss' suggestions.

You should go build yourself a hang out like in the woods or something.

Havent you got friends you can hang around with?


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lol sorry forgot to mention Canada and no good treed areas :p but thanksforthe suggestions ill probably hit the shithouse a couple times this week though and all my friends are either to far away from me or in school i think the closest one not in school is like 10 miles lol