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Donald Sterling's Comments


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Not to be cryptic but am I the only one who thinks by the end of the year he'll be found totally incompetent due to dementia?


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I really really really HATE Donald Sterling. This pathetic guy just won't go away. Smh.


The return shall be legenday!
Adam silver couldn't be any more right in saying "Donald Sterling just needs to move on". The feeling I have about this is this isn't going to end well for both parties.


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Selling. Not selling.
Suing. Not Suing.

The ex-wife of Donald told the NBA that she would cover them in the lawsuit. If she sells for 2B and he sues for 1B, she will flip 1B to the NBA and keep 1B.

So, it's a battle between the Sterling's now. At least that is what I gathered from Silver's interview last night.