TV Donald Duck as a Nazi (Real, believe it or not)


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If you are ever on Who Wants to be a Millionaire and the question comes up "Which controversial phrase did Donald Duck say in a since-banned 1940's Donald Duck episode?", now you'll know the answer.

Hail Hitler.

YouTube - Banned Disney - Der Fuehrer's Face (Donald Duck as a Nazi)

Der Fuehrer's Face - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It was part of an episode made specifically to make Nazi's look bad, but even so it did portray Donald Duck working in a Nazi labor camp as a Nazi.

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I remember watching this years ago and cracking up. The idea of Donald Duck in a Nazi bomb factory was so amusing to my friends and I.


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I remember hearing/reading about this a few years back. It was done in the 40's so I wouldn't consider that much of a big deal back then. But I agree that it was banned from ever being shown again on television.


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Wow, that is pretty intense, I've never seen this before...
I remember watching this with my cousins a long time ago. When I watched it more recently I understood better :lol: Interesting, indeed.