Donaghy Pleads Guilty To Two Felonies


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AP -
Former referee Tim Donaghy pleaded guilty to two felony charges Wednesday in an NBA betting scandal that rocked the league and raised questions about the integrity of games.

Donaghy faces a maximum of 25 years in prison when he is sentenced for conspiracy to engage in wire fraud and transmitting wagering information through interstate commerce.

Donaghy provided recommendations, called "picks," to co-conspirators about what team they should bet on, said U.S. District Court Judge Carol Bagley Amon. If he was correct, they paid him.


donaghy to pleadd guilty

he may get up to 25 years in prison. he plead guilty on wednesday for betting on nba games, including ones he refereed in.

do you guys think anythings gonna happen to him?

i really hope david stern is found to be in on this but i know there is no chance in hell that happens


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There's no place for this bum in the NBA. I'm glad he pleaded guilty and hopefully this trial won't last that long and he'll be sentenced to serve his well deserved time in prison. I still don't understand though why he did it. It's obvious that he was going to get caught it was just a matter of time. Now because of his stupid actions he'll face up to 25 years in prison. Tough luck


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New York Daily News -
A day after coming clean about his role in an NBA gambling ring, Tim Donaghy was back home in Florida and - in his first public comments - apologizing for his actions.

"I'm very sorry about what happened," Donaghy, 40, told the Daily News outside his home.

"I'm not going to say anything beyond that. This is an ongoing case - I can't say anything else."

Donaghy had plenty to say in Brooklyn Federal Court this week, pleading guilty to two gambling-related charges and telling a judge he was paid $30,000 to pass inside information on professional basketball games to his bookie buddies.


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N.Y. Post -
The referees union maintained on Friday that Tim Donaghy is the only ref involved in gambling activities, despite a report that he was about to rat out as many as 20 colleagues.

The report on 1050 ESPN Radio said Donaghy will turn over to prosecutors names of other NBA officials and detail their involvement in some form of gambling, believed to include betting in casinos.

The offenses may not include criminal activity, according to the report, but could violate NBA policy and lead to firings that would decimate the officiating staff. Twenty referees would make up about a third of the league's roster.


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Well atleast he's admitting to his crimes and taking it like a man. Even though what he's done has giving players as well as fans to be suspicious of refs when they make bad calls. The league will never be the same.

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"I am Jack's utter lack of interest in this 'scandal'"

I'm hardly shocked or surprised and totally uninterested in this.
just make it go away is the way I feel about this drama


boy, if the officiating wasn't bad enough the last few years, next year will be awful. if donaghy names 20 other refs and they all get fired, who is going to ref next season? college, semi-pro refs or whatever, one thing is for sure is that the refs will be inexperienced and subsequently not very good. but ill have inexperienced guys over game-fixing refs anyday.


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Man, betting is ruining sports these days and I don't have anything against this referee. At least he was being honest about the whole situation and had balls to face the media.