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Don Kanonji



I don't know about you, but I think this guy is pretty funny when he shows up. He's kinda like the Mr. Satan of Bleach, but can actually do something with is skills.


LOL that guy is a wussy. hes like the lowest of the low. he can do something but it just makes the situation even worse. i like that "BWAHAHAHAH" thing he does though. its funny. lol


Registered Member
He is easily the most absurd character in the whole show. I really am with Ichigo that he is rediculous and does not merit the attention nor immitation he gets from everyone.


Hahaha He's one of my fav bleach characters.
He had his big share in that karakura lion jet episode (where that huge lion shows up)

xD great guy.
He shouldn'`t be treated as the lowest,though.I mean he does have his way of justice and all,which by itself is admirable.