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Don Cherry scolds Lucic's goal celebration...


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I gotta say something,” Don Cherry said, as the Coach’s Corner audience waited for the criticism that was surely to follow, as dictated by precedent in these matters.
‘I don’t care,’

“I love Lucic,” Cherry said on Saturday. “I’ve known him since he’s been a kid. I’m the guy that pumped him and pumped him … I’m the guy that pumped in the Finals in Vancouver, the whole deal.”

“And all he does is pump up the other team. He has to stop that stuff. I thought he’d stop it … It’s absolutely ridiculous.”

“It’s one of those things where it’s his character, that’s the way he is, we all know about it,” Red Wings goaltender Jonas Gustavsson said. “But it should make us all angry here that we don’t want that to happen again so we’ve got to win the games.”

Cherry concurred.

“Don’t give ammunition,” he said in the first intermission on Saturday night. “And Lucic had better stop that stuff when he goes to the second round. I love the guy. You know, he came down and took a picture with me …”

Those are dumb-heads,” he said. “They’re dumb-head reporters. They’re dumb guys on TV. They never, ever — ever, ever — played the game. They never coached … I think as a coach and a player.”

In actuality, this is satire. Just a dream. It is a copy-pasted article where Don Cherry chastised Subban over his jersey tug but it completely fits the bill when it comes to Lucic pounding on the Bruins logo on his chest after each goal in these playoffs. We all know Don Cherry will not say a word about Lucic. He dare not. He won't even comment on the previous instances where players got speared in their members because he knows if he talks of Perry or Garbutt he also has to talk of Lucic's jewel adjustments. He knows there is no way he can put a good spin on his "Good Ol' Canadian Boy" trying to remove another players ability to father a child.

http://sports.nationalpost.com/2014/01/ ... ther-team/

Myself, I don't care about goal celebrations. You scored... enjoy it! You're in the "sports entertainment" business, entertain me! What I do find problem in his Don Cherry's double standards when it comes to anything a Montreal player does vs what a Leafs or Bruins player does. Prust gives Bishop a nut-chop and he's billed as pathetic... Lucic does two nut-chops in a matter of three weeks and not a sound is heard.


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Don Cherry takes it to a higher level than anyone else but a lot of the media outlets and fans act that way! Lucic is a good player but if he couldn't score he'd be considered a goon. If knows he's going to get away with it so he'll continue to play that way. Lastly, can we all agree that PK Subban is the player that fans love to hate the most lol?


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Krug had the triple chest pound going last night and good ol' Johnny Boychuk pulled out the double pistol "bang bang" at centre ice after his goal. As a hockey fan, I loved it. As a Habs fan, I am shocked that it was not mentioned that it was what fired the Habs up to win the game. Boychuk just gave them ammunition. No way they were going to lose after those antics at centre ice.
Yeah, it's like they were constantly looking to mock PK's celebrations but if they haven't learned by now that this is what fuels PK, I guess now they know.


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Few analysts have the stature that Don Cherry has in hockey, but I'm not sure a man who dresses as loud as he does should criticize anyone lol
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