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Not sure if I'm listing this in the correct spot or not, so yell at me if I'm not.
I wanted to know how one goes about setting up a website or domain for your auction. I haven't got a clue, so any info given would be appreciated


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There are many paces, such as:

They are all different prices and features, but if you want to go cheap, go registerfly. They are about $10 per domian per year, and have decent features. I have heard some bad things about them but personally haven't had problems.

Of course the domain is just half of what you need. You also need hosting, which shouldn't be more than $10.00 per month.

PM me if you want to work something out. I run a web hosting company among other things. :)


Interesting. After mentioning those links, the google ad on this page turned into godaddy link that said $3.99 domains for a limited time. That might be worth looking into. I'm sure there is a catch, but $3.99 sounds good up front.. :D


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the sites have options on them where they will transfer the domain for you...i think the buyer just needs to know the information...i'm pretty sure its simple and either someone else on here can help you or the site itself will...There are other sites that offer cheaper prices than that for was 7 something on yesterday when I was looking


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I was thinking about selling on ebay because I don't plan on making a site for it. I'm afraid if I sell it on ebay, that I might get sued by cheetos or something. Anyone have any thoughts?