Dolphins release Culpepper after one season

Discussion in 'NFL' started by Babe_Ruth, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. Babe_Ruth

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    MIAMI (July 17, 2007) -- The Miami Dolphins released quarterback Daunte Culpepper, ending the former Pro Bowler's short stint in South Florida and wrapping up what became a contentious split between the player and the team.
    The Dolphins made the move in a one-sentence release, without further comment.
    Miami tried for weeks to trade Culpepper, the former Minnesota star who was acquired by the Dolphins before the 2006 season even though he was coming off major knee surgery. Culpepper never regained his form last year, struggling in four games before the team shut him down so he could continue rehabilitating the knee.
    A breach-of-contract grievance filed by the NFL Players Association on Culpepper's behalf against the Dolphins was scheduled to be heard July 18, after the team told Culpepper he couldn't fully participate in offseason practices. That move came shortly after Miami traded with Kansas City for quarterback Trent Green, who's expected to be the new starter for the Dolphins.
    Culpepper said his attorneys were told by the Dolphins on July 16 that he would be released, and the veteran formally became a free agent July 17.
    "As I was going through this process I heard about a quote by Gandhi that best expresses my thoughts about this victory: 'First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win,"' Culpepper, who serves as his own agent, said in an e-mail. "Now that I have won my freedom and I get to choose my next team, I am just like many other people who have to go out and find employment so that I can take care of my family."
    The Jacksonville Jaguars are thought to be among the potential suitors for Culpepper; coaches there told quarterbacks Byron Leftwich and David Garrard earlier this offseason that they would consider acquiring him before training camp if he was available.
    "I just hope that there is still a team or two out there that has an opportunity for a hard working quarterback who is willing to come in and contribute wherever needed," Culpepper said. "I am ready to get into a training camp so that I can prepare for the 2007 season."
    It's not known if the Dolphins came close to moving him in a trade; Culpepper vowed to block any such moves, saying he wouldn't accommodate the Dolphins by agreeing to a new contract. His existing deal surely made it difficult for Miami to find a team to trade with.
    In 84 games as an NFL starter, Culpepper has completed 64.2 percent of his passes and thrown for 21,091 yards and 137 touchdowns.

  2. Fresh

    Fresh Aw, Here It Goes!

    I honestly believed he was gonna be a saviour for the Dolphins, guess I was completely wrong. I wish him luck were ever he goes.
  3. Kazmarov

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    Culpepper I thought was going to end the string of terrible QB's post-Marino, but he's seriously lost his glory and I don't think the Dolphins can wait around to see if he can regain it.
  4. Babe_Ruth

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    I had the same thought has you guys did, I expected great things from him. I am sure there's at least four teams that will be interested in him, hopefully wherever he goes he'll be a starter, I personally thought that the Dolphins should of gave him another chance and not give up on him so easily. Oh well hopefully he'll shine somewhere else.

    THEONE Guest

    Trent Green is the better fit for Cam Cameron anyway he played under him in washington so I guess Cam felt alot more comfotable with Trent.
  6. platypus616

    platypus616 Guest

    speaking of QB's not living up to their name...wonder if eli will make it past this upcoming season.

    i'd say the raiders should grab daunte if only so that jarmarcus can have someone over him to mentor him.

    and maybe daunte could throw the ball if jamarcus isn't living up to the rookie hype (which is hard for QB's to do...i'm not trashing him).
  7. Babe_Ruth

    Babe_Ruth Sultan of Swat Staff Member V.I.P.

    That's what I was thinking as well, if they don't want to put Russell there starting quarterback for there first game then they should sign Daute to a contract, because Walter wouldn't be the soloution. Daute and Russell are similar Quarterbacks in my mind, both of them have incredible arms, they both are big quarterbacks, and I believe that Russell would learn a lot under Daute.
  8. platypus616

    platypus616 Guest

    IMO russell wasn't ready for the NFL least not from what i saw in the sugar bowl game. he's an amazing raw athlete...but he doesn't have the poise and control needed...he's a gun slinger and he's gonna end up throwing a lot of interceptions like that in the AFC.
  9. Babe_Ruth

    Babe_Ruth Sultan of Swat Staff Member V.I.P.

    See I kind of agree with you that he might throw a lot on interceptions, but lets be honest here, what do the Raiders have to lose? Nothing, so why not take a chance on him? I know that he can study the game under Daunte or another proven quarterback, but I don;t see why not give him a chance? The only concern that I would have is he does blow it might ruin is confidence. But if they do sign Daunte or do make Russell the starter I don't see any wrong doing both.
  10. Fresh

    Fresh Aw, Here It Goes!

    Thats sounds like great idea, I have no confidence at all in Oaklands O-Line putting an experienced QB would be in their best intrest. With the the Raiders line letting linebackers and DE's eat up every quarterback they put in front of it, Culpepper might be the thing for them right now, Russell is mobile, but he's no Mike Vick.

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