Dolphins edge Titans for first win


Sultan of Swat
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Once again this win was over the Titans a team that will have a losing record this season. But maybe this is a step in the right direction, even though Culpepper or Ronnie Brown didn't have a good game. But a win is a win, and hopefully they'll keep coming.

Dr. Fresh

Mmmm.... Lesbians.
I'm sure that the Dolphins will have better games and will continue to win. Culpepper and Ronnie Brown will be explosive, mark my words.


I don't know why people keep expecting Culpepper to be a beast again. He has lost "it" whatever it was (Randy Moss is my best guess). Alot of people think that it is the injury that has hampered him so far but I don't. No one seems to remember how horrible he was before he got injured last year. There is a reason that the Vikings let him go, he wasn't what he used to be and probably won't ever get back to that same level. He's got tons of weapons around him he just can't seem to get it done. The guy just looks lost. He's also the most fumble prone player in NFL history, not a guy I'd want with the ball in his hands almost all game.