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Dolphin carrying broken body of its baby


Free Spirit
Staff member
It is a poignant mourning ritual that is rarely seen – and even more rarely captured on camera.Struggling against the rough seas, a dolphin carries her dead baby on its final journey.
While a boat full of tourists watched the heartbreaking scene, the baby dolphin slipped from its mother’s back five times as she battled against the tide.

In mourning: Dolphin photographed carrying the broken body of its baby in heartbreaking ritual
Its sad seeing this mother dolphin carry her baby on her back trying to take it somewhere I guess for burial of sorts. I think at least some animals care about their young more than we think. I warn you the pictures are heartbreaking.


That'd be right "probably killed by a propeller boat". Many animals show more compassion than people think. There's even some species of lizard who will not leave the side of their mate if it is killed. Even going as far as laying next to the dead body until they too perish since they can't bare to be apart.