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Discussion in 'Wrestling' started by Babe_Ruth, Dec 9, 2009.

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    So it's a snowy day here at work, and there's barely anyone in my office, so I started to think of old wrestlers and where the WWF missed the ball with. I came to a conclusion after doing a bit of research and this is what I came up with. Hopefully you guys like it.

    When I think back of the 90's WWE and who was under pushed or just wasn't treated as well as they should have been - I think of one man. It just so happens that that character is the same character who was in back to back WO's Worst Match of the Year. However, the fun loving Doink who had his own midget, Dink, isn't the Doink I'm talking about. The original Doink (Played by Matt Bourne) was dark, funny and on top of all that, a damn fine wrestler. Bourne had the match of the night at Summerslam 1993 with Bret Hart. His trilogy with Mr. Perfect to qualify for the KOTR was a highlight of the year. Perhaps the best thing was something they never even delved deep into. Early on, Bobby Heenan when commentating Doink's match, would bring up how good of a wrestler Doink was. Heenan insinuated that Doink was played by a veteran who for some reason just...snapped and began dressing as a clown.

    Looking back, I really wished they would of developed that part of his backstory, instead of just making him a clown and nothing but a clown. ECW actually had the right idea. A year after being fired, Matt Bourne showed up in ECW to take place in the NWA World Title Tournament (The one where Shane Douglas threw down the title). He started off as Doink and then ripped off some of his costume in disgust (Think of Dustin Rhode's character of Seven, but it actually working). From then on, he was Bourne Again. He was sick of being forced in sports entertainment gimmicks. What I would of loved to see the Doink character do is slowly reveal what happened to him. They could of did something as easy as revealing it's Matt Bourne (I wrestled Steamboat at Wrestlemania~!) and he started wearing the clown costume because he was fired from the WWE. Realizing that the WWE is very gimmick crazy, he adopted the Doink gimmick. (Or rather started dressing up as a clown, so it's not too shoot-y). At first, everyone is believing that's it. However, Bourne starts showing signs that he's literally crazed and he's not in total control as he made it sound. I see the Doink character evolving into a mixture of Dark Doink, fun loving Doink (aka the one that was so terrible) and a crazed Bob Backlund (After he snapped).

    For someone as talented as Bourne, it just seemed like such a waste to keep him as a clown.

  2. Shooting_Palanx

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    Doink was no doubt a good wrestler, but it was really the gimmick that was dragging him down.

    I also think it was because of the change of pop culture as well.
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    I liked the Clown gimmick and would have never made him go face. I was legit scared of this man as a child watching wrestling in the early 90s...

    he was just so freaky...i think ur right...they missed something here...

    a comedy, face act just doesnt work for a scary lookin clown...
  4. Millz

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    Apparently Matt Borne checked himself into rehab on the WWE's coin and he was recently released and is doing good. There was talk of him being an agent for the WWE.

    He definitely had a lot of talent in the ring and I loved HEEL Doink and hated face Doink.

    I actually watched his match against Crush from Wrestlemania 9 a couple weeks ago and Heenan said that very thing. About how this guy knows what he's doing in the ring and he shouldnt be taken lightly. I think they could have done more with him.
  5. Shooting_Palanx

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    I think with the surge of talent that they were trying to push, Doink was just sadly pushed to the corner in that respect.

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