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Doing things to please your partner


Sally Twit
Have you ever done something you didn't like just to please your partner?

Many of you will be shocked at this but there was a time where there were two football matches on at the same time and my boyfriend wanted to watch both of them. He asked me if I would watch one of them and let him know what was happening and to let him know if anyone scores. We were on the phone at the time. It was absolute torture for me but it made him happy so I couldn't complain too much!


Ms. Malone
He's never heard of flicking then?

When I was seeing my ex, I had to make the effort to get along with his ex because they still lived together and were on good terms with each other - despite the fact that everything they did together was either 'crap' or 'shit' to her.


Sally Twit
Yes, but he wouldn't do that when his favourite team are playing. He gets glued to the TV when Manchester United are on. There's no moving him.


Problematic Shitlord
I would never force my girlfriend/fiance/wife to do anything she didn't like. I mean, something insignificant like passing up on TV time so I could watch a show I wanted is not something that shouldn't be a big deal. But anything that would make her uncomfortable I would never do.


Registered Member
I used to. Then it got old. Seems he didn't really want to extend the same courtesy in return.