Doing pranks at school


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Were you much of a prankster at school?

Before school my mates and I always vow to have some fun, we tip the lockers, if you don't know what does that mean, we lean the lockers as far as possible, until we hear the books hitting the locker door. Then we take a seat on the ground and whoever locker that is, when that person opens it, the books and everything falls out, oh those days! We got busted heaps, and now whoever gets a tipped locker! All the teachers turn to us!


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Yeah me and my mates used to have "fun" around the school lol, we did the same thing tipping lockers and stuff like that. Also did stupid dares to each other.


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I didn't do many major pranks, but I was definitely a troublemaker. In English we had to watch this lame video, so when the teacher left the room I took the video and hid it behind the curtains. She spent a good 20 minutes looking for it.

My science class had this old Russian lady as a sub a few times and she was a real bitch, so I threw crumpled paper balls at her when she wasn't looking.

I started a food fight at lunch senior year.

My friend and I tried supergluing all the locks on the building one night.


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I personally was not a prankster in school... but I do have a very funny story about my dad when he was a senior in high school. My dad was real into making his own stuff, went into the Airforce, needless to say he knew how to make bombs... well my dad decided to take an m-80 stick and use the cigarette timer method to it basically the moral or the story, he went back to class sat down and had it timed for five minuets later... he blew up the boys stall bathroom. Never got caught though.


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I wasn't a prankster at all but I'm the one who knows who is doing all the pranks. I didn't sell them out but they knew what's coming if they ever tried to prank me. :lol:


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I've never really done anything serious.

In 6th grade i got in huge trouble because right before christmas break one of my friends put a full 1 pint milk carton in one of his friends backpacks and I was there when he did it so I knew about it. Let's just say that when we all got back from Christmas break 2 whole weeks later the hallway smelled horrible and this kid was too dumb to notice the curds and rotting going on in his backpack, it was one of the foulest things I've ever smelled for sure.


I've also done the classic locker blackmailing, that's where you slip hundreds and hundreds of notes into the vent on a kids locker and everything falls out when they open their locker since they don't see it coming.

At my current school we have these lockers that have little holes in the back that lead to the locker across from it on the other side of the row, I took a kids shoes and tied them through these little holes, the shoes were on one side while the knots were on the other.

My favorite one that I've done is definitely locker jamming, in 8th grade we had these crappy lockers that were all bent up since my school stole them from the trash of the bigger school right next door and repainted them to our schools color. So we would fold up cardboard, paper, plastic, pencils, and slam the locker shut really hard leaving that stuck in the edge. We'd also bend the lockers so they'd jam every time they were shut.

I think that's about it for me, none of them are too serious when you look at the circumstances though, (except maybe that first one with the milk :lol:)