Doing Over-Time


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Me and over-time just don't see eye-to-eye.

When you're at work and you haven't managed to finish the days tasks do you stay on and do over-time or do you merely bugger off home and leave it for tomorrow?

How much over-time do you do a week on average?

I hate over-time and avoid it as much as possible, I'll usually just drop everything and disappear home. My boss has said to me that he expects me to stay on and not to have a 9-5 mentality but I'm too lazy to be expected to work unpaid over-time.

I'll end up doing about half and hours over-time a week.


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We're not allowed to do overtime at my company, which suits me just fine. The previous job I had, I was expected to do a minimum of 5 hours unpaid overtime per week.

If something needs to be finished then I don't mind staying late, but I deduct the time I stayed and leave early another day.


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In my last job I never done over-time. I hated it. I would do it for the extra money but apart from that it can get stuffed. If I hadnt finished a days work I just buggered off home to be completely honest with you. My boss didn't say anything to me.


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At my current job, it's really hard to get overtime at all. There simply isn't enough work to do.

But at my last job, I used to get upwards of 20 hours of overtime a week, easily. I never had a problem with staying the extra hours, especially if I'm getting paid more. :D


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Me and over-time don't see eye to eye either. If I haven't finished the day's work then it can wait til the next day I'm in. I hardly ever do overtime, and on the rare days I do, it's only 15 minutes and usually only because the boss is standing over my shoulder making sure it gets out. The only voluntary overtime I've done was when we re-painted the office, and that's only because I like painting.


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I probably stay longer than I have to at least twice a week. I am so busy in my job right now and I don't have any help from anyone so if the work is not done, on my head be it. I process orders for the company and we offer a next day delivery service so I can't leave them until the next day. They all have to be on the system the day we receive them. It's a nightmare.


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In my current job, overtime doesn't technically exist. It's shift work, so either I stay on for a few minutes to maybe quarter of an hour if it's busy, or I stay for a full half an hour to an hour and log it on the rota. There's no way in hell I'm staying there unpaid for any longer than courtesy demands. I'm not adverse to helping out the fellow staff when it's needed but other than that, I think not, good day to you.

At my old job, however, overtime was basically working on a friday. It got us an extra £100 or so because it was a good four or five hours at time and a half, a tasty little bonus not to be sneezed at. Sometimes I took it, sometimes not. :dunno: