Dogs and God


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Dogs and God
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Saturday, September 17, 2005


Imagine if you will your beloved family pet. For my example I am thinking of my own much loved pet, MaXx. MaXx was a German Shepard/Black Lab cross who left me about eight years ago now. MaXx was very dear to me and even talking about it causes me to become somewhat misty-eyed and I get "chocked up", even now, as I write. This is somewhat illogical, as MaXx was after all merely a not very intelligent animal, but I loved him just the same. MaXx was not even a great dog, nor was he particularly well behaved. Again, I loved him with all my heart. To honor MaXx's memory, I have never replaced him, nor will I. He was that special. I greatly miss his strange odd gruff guttural howl that sounded so strangely like an elongated "Hellllooooo". What is stranger still is that MaXx always made this odd sound in the right context. That is what made is so very weird.

I greatly enjoyed going on runs with MaXx in the local park. I ran and played with him although he was obviously the better, more agile, of us two. I always considered MaXx to be a noble being. He carried himself with such poise and self assuredness. MaXx never doubted himself or his abilities -- ever. MaXx never came to me and questioned "Why am I here?" It was apparent he was there to be my friend and a friend to my family.

My view of God is also in a similar vein. Please stretch your imagination and try to follow what I am saying. My relationship with God has advanced to the stage of friendship. First off the bat, I find it difficult to worship my friend. It would seem to be somewhat pointless. I could only ask why someone would want to worship their very best friend.

Many years ago this friendship, as it were, struck me as being similar to my own friendship with my pet, MaXx. MaXx did love me, unconditionally, but he did not worship me. That would have been more than a little bit odd.

This analogy between God and Dogs holds very well. As with all allusions, this comparison isn’t perfect, but it does make my point in a novel and easy to understand way.

For example, I understood that it is rather stupid to think that you can talk to your dog. Yes, you can sit down and talk for an hour to your pet, but it won’t really "get" anything you are saying. You can only communicate with your pet via emotion, touch and short clear words. It is my view that my vision of God is in a similar predicament. My God realizes that it cannot directly communicate with me and so it "talks" to me via emotion, touch and the odd very clear image. There are never any words that are attached to this communication. The words tumble down later as my conscious mind digests. In this way, it isn’t so much “revelation” as it is an process of “realization”.

My God also taught me to "play" in a cosmic version of "get the ball". It is almost like a spiritual fitness program. My God quite literally takes me out for walks and I am on a short leash, so I don't run off and get lost. I do get to ogle and “sniff” all around me, at the wonders There to see. Like my dog MaXx, I don't quite know most of what I am seeing is, but it is always incredibly beautiful and sweet. The poignancy of it is amazing, deeply felt and purely emotional. It is also thrilling, much like those times MaXx would make what I thought was an impossible catch, with a graceful leap of enthusiasm.

The wonder of it all is that My God "tells" me that I am not abnormal, special, superior or better than any other of my fellow human animals and that anyone can come to these cosmic playgrounds. It just seems to be such an incredibly natural thing to do.

For those who will minimize what I am attempting to say, you are misunderstanding what I am saying or perhaps I am just not being clear enough. Anyone is welcome to critique my view. My God is quite unassailable and impervious to speculation. My view of God is perhaps the first to emerge that is a non-religious view of God. It is my view that the religions of man are a horrid distortion of what I am describing and it is our vanity that makes us think we can pigeon-hole God. God really is like a well oiled marble and we delude ourselves by thinking we can "pin down" what God is and I have to admit that even my words fall short of my experience.

The ultimate reality of God is that none of us can be 100% sure that we are right and that is something that we would be wise not to forget and certainly should never ignore.

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To some degree the God-dog analogy holds. The problem as I see it is you did not create your dog. Although your dog depends on you for food, water and companionship, he body does not need you for every breath he takes. If you were to abandon him, although he would be sad, he would find another person to meet his needs. Your dog has no need to worship you.

I do see an analogy on another level though. From your dog's point of view, the two of you are equal. Your intellect is unconceivable. He could never fathom your ability to analyze the past and see into the future. Many of us are dogs trying to wrap our minds around the concept of an infinite, perfect God. C.S. Lewis in the book Mere Christianity said if you want to imagine what it must have been like for God to become a man and walk among us, imagine becoming a slug.