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Does Zachary Fucale have a future with the Habs?

I know it's very early to ask that question but with the beginning of training camps and all the turmoil surrounding the #2 goalie in Montreal between Peter Budaj & Dustin Tokarski, I've started to read lots of stuff about what the future holds for Fucale in the NHL. Some are pointing the fingers at him for disastrous playoffs in the QMJHL this spring (which we can't deny), saying that the reason he's ever been successful is because of the team he had in front of him in Halifax. Those same people believe that he'll never be a #1 goalie in the NHL, at least in Montreal so they're thinking he could be used as trade bait.

My take on the whole situation is that I don't really understand what is the big deal if Fucale would start as a backup for Carey Price in 3 or 4 years from now. People seem to think it's a gimme that Carey Price will forever be a Hab but if you look at history with Patrick Roy, we also thought the same thing and we were proven wrong. Personally, I think that eventually, he's gonna turn into a great goalie for the Habs and spending a couple of years learning behind Carey Price couldn't hurt him and when he'll be ready, he'll take over.

Am I insane and the only one thinking that way or what? Really am curious to hear your thoughts on the matter.


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I've watched sports for many years and one thing the NHL and MLB have that the NFL and NBA really doesn't is the prospect. Zachary Fucale is a prospect. I've learned that many times teams and fan bases tend to over value their prospects due to hype. Many times I think it's done purposely by the team to use said prospect as a trade chip for something of proven value, either a star player in a large package deal, a proven vet at the deadline or even flipped for a draft pick.

When talking about prospects in either hockey or baseball I've learned that until they prove themselves at the MLB or NHL level they're just suspects.


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A NHL goaltender does not really mature and truly find his game until he hits the 25-26 year old mark. Any talk of Zack Fucale right now is useless, stupid, banter. Sure, Carey Price became the starter a lot younger than 25... but when did Carey Price start becoming consistent. When did Carey Price go into a playoff series and come out with a series win without ever getting pulled? Once Zach Fucale hits 23, then you can start some discussion on him... unless he starts pulling off shutouts out of his ass once he joins Hamilton in a year. Basically, Montreal will be looking at what they have in Zach Fucale in the last years of Carey Price's current contract.