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XBOX Original Does this game have A change?


Registered Member
I heard they just added A dragon and A few more quests. If you bought the first one, is this A buy?


Registered Member
I thought this was a PC game?

PCPP says that if you have played the first one, then there is not enough to warrent getting the re-release.


New Member
I heard that too. Man, I hope a sequel comes out soon, though...that game was def. worth the year long reserve.


Registered Member
Fable came out on both PC and Xbox.

Yes, buy it. The game is worth the replay, IMHO. They added some new areas, new quests, new enemies, new armor... I've noticed that I don't get killed as much, although that may just be the hundreds of hours I invested in the first one.

The only caveat I have, is I know why they left stuff out the first time... it lags every once in a while. It's barely noticeable, though. Plus, that may be my Xbox complaining about those hundreds of hours.


New Member
how many new weapons were added? and how much new armor? if there is enough new weapons and armor added than i'll get it.
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