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Question Does the weather impact your job?


Sally Twit
If you're a driver or have to drive a lot in your line of work, obviously if the weather is bad it could cause a problem. The same could be said for any line of work outdoors.

The weather doesn't effect my work personally, but we have a lot of couriers that deliver the things we sell and if the weather is really bad they may not be able to go on the road. Today for example, we received an e-mail saying that due to the high winds we've experienced today, many of the vehicles had been called back to the depot. So obviously it falls down to me and my colleagues in the office to make customers aware of this.


Ms. Malone
My lil automatic car does pretty well in the snowy weather; I have a little button which puts my car in 3rd and it gets me out of the street and through snow covered roads.

The only time when it was a real problem was when we had that bad few weeks of snow while I was working at the animal park; all the pipes froze and we had to get water from the restaurant.


Creeping On You
I work inside, but its a very large shop. So when it's cold outside, the inside of the shop gets a bit chilly too. Its good motivation to work harder haha.

Also, it definitely effects GETTING to work. If it's very cold, its quite the chore waiting for the bus and trying to stay warm. Especially if it's windy.

I know when it's super warm out, I also hate getting to and from work, because its so hot on the bus, and I'm sweating like a pig

Also, once again, the temperature in the shop is affected, and I'm still sweating like crazy all the time.


I ♥ Haters
Nope, it doesn't really bother me since I work inside. But I have a window with a view where my desk is, and sometimes when it rains, I get kinda depressed. Yeah, but in the literal sense, the wheather has zero effect on my work. I don't do inter-office pick ups or deliveries, we have a courier set up for that. The only time I ever leave the building is for lunch.


A little. I mainly work inside, but there is a part of my job that I'm in a place without heat or insulation. So, it sucks when it's 10 degrees & it is also not that fun when it's 90. But it doesn't really impact me... I just need to toughen up. Ha.


Heat effects my job. Where I work I stand right in front of an industrial sized pizza-oven. It's got all the state of the art fan systems etc, but it's still bloody hot. On really hot days standing in front of that oven can be pretty intense. So the heat really effects my job, but the cold doesn't at all.


No it doesn't as the customers show up in all kinds of weather 15 minutes before the store opens.


Well-Known Member
I work at a drive in. The weather directly affects the business we get every day.

On really hot days we get slammed like you wouldn't imagine. The only thing that makes it worse is the fact that our air conditioning never keeps up so we have to work harder in hotter conditions.

On cold, rainy, or snowy days the drive in is almost 100% dead. It's days like these where they cut all unnecessary employees. Essentially on these days It's just a manager and myself running the place, it's usually fine.

What I really hate is when it's busy during rain because all of my idiot customers park in the far stalls for no good reason and force me to get wet when I didn't have to.


Registered Member
There are some things I do with the Army where weather can matter a lot, but for the most part I just sit in an office all day.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
No, I don't think we'd be very affected aside from just more latecomers because public transport issues. Trainings won't be cancelled, nor will salons (whether or not a lot of visitors come or not).